About the Appleby College Summer Travel Academy

The Appleby College Summer Travel Academy offers students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to learn through hands-on, in-country experiences. Students will earn Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits while living in unique, carefully chosen international locations. Courses provide students with the experience and excitement of a summer spent abroad, and awaken a passion for education outside the classroom. The Summer Travel Academy's international trips and their respective excursions are all academically relevant, and have been selected and developed to enhance both curriculum and the overall student experience. This year’s international trips include both France and Curaçao for their cultural and environmental sites, and premier location.

Academic Rigour

Our month-long credit programs benefit from the direct involvement of Appleby faculty at all stages of curriculum development. Upon successful completion of our courses, Appleby College credits are granted for official recognition on a student's Ontario Secondary School Diploma transcript. Students can expect to be fully prepared for the next level in their chosen subject area in the upcoming school year.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Students and their families benefit from all-inclusive program pricing. All trip aspects have been carefully planned and budgeted for from the moment of departure to the time students return to Canada. There are no hidden costs or extra expenses to worry about or plan for, as all details have been considered, even down to the inclusion of comprehensive emergency medical insurance.*

* Curaçao biology students are required to purchase their own Divers Alert Network (DAN) coverage.

Premier Experience Premium destinations have been selected to enhance the curriculum in meaningful ways, tying in the rich culture, important history and unique environments into each respective program. French language students will visit historically significant locations in France, the Pyrenees and Basque Country in Spain, while Biology students in Curaçao will be studying one of the most fascinating coral reefs in the world.

Safety and Security

In-depth exploratory site visits have been completed for all chosen locations, and their safety and security carefully vetted. Through Appleby College, the Summer Travel Academy is a member of the International SOS alert and emergency support system (www.internationalsos.com) whose in-country knowledge and networks support, protect and advocate for our students and staff through their abilities to assess, advise and assist as needed in a vast range of international crises ranging from severe weather  to political unrest.

Residential Life Program

Staffed by dedicated student life instructors, students will enjoy a robust and social residential life program. These highly qualified and trained individuals provide a continuous support system for the duration of the program. Residential Life staff are hired and trained locally based on rigorous qualifications, including prior experience working with youth in a similar program setting.

To apply, please download the application form via the button below. It is recommended that you download the pdf to your desktop first instead of editing it directly in your web browser.