Walker House Spirit 2014

Walker House Covenant

We the girls of Walker House, promise to live in harmony with patience and acceptance towards each other. We will engage spirit and passion in our community and be loyal to our friends showing them truth and justice.

The girls of Walker House will live with pride and passion showing our spirit and loyalty in the community. We will demonstrate justice and acceptance being patient and truthful towards each other.

Walker House thrift shop for United Way a huge success

This year, Walker reinvented its United Way Week event. With ideas and efforts put forth by both this year and last year’s House Council  members the house was able to put forth an amazing event.  Walker House Thrift  Shop fashion show not only raised money for affiliates of United Way, but as  well allowed students and teachers to donate clothing towards the charity. With  money raised through auctioned items, a thrift shop boutique and food stand, Walker  Ladies held their heads high as they felt there deed was done well. 
With efforts put forth by all four houses (Walker, Baillie, Colley and Powells) a full fashion show including sixteen models was put on; each model represented their house and their houses clothing line.  With a tremendous amount of clothing donated, each house was able to create 
 exquisite yet tasteful lines.  Each model showed off themselves and the one item  of clothing that they wished to auction off.  With a lively audience, the auctioneer was kept busy. Items went for a various amount of money, skyrocketing to forty-one dollars for  a single tank top! 

The rest of the donated clothing was displayed in the "thrift shop" where those in attendance had the opportunity to search around and buy articles of clothing. All proceeds from this event were donated to United Way Week.

Members of Walker House would like to thank all those who attended and are proud of each and every Walker girl for their time and
  efforts put towards making this all new event a major success!
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