Diploma Requirements


The academic requirements of the Global Leadership Diploma have been created to ensure that students understand their local government and civic responsibilities; have studied a variety of world religions and cultures; have experienced significant new language learning and have sustained examination of social issues in their Senior School classes.

Language Requirements

The ability to adapt and learn multiple languages is necessary for global communication and interaction. Global Leadership students will complete:

  • Two French courses
  • One third language
  • Continuation of one language to the graduation level

*Note – the language requirement is adapted for students who are English Language Learners

Global Scholars Assignments

All Senior Two courses at Appleby College have been designed to ensure they consider the application of Global Education into their academic curricula. Students completing the Global Leadership Diploma will complete three Global Scholars Assignments. These are assignments from within their academic courses which have a significant focus on global connections, perspectives, competencies and understanding.

International Service Project and Co-op Credit

International service learning encompasses key ideals for a student’s personal growth and leadership training – it involves volunteering and cultural learning, teamwork and reflection, global understanding and hard work. Appleby has offered international service projects to its students for more than 20 years. Appleby ensures that the experiences for students are worthwhile, safe, and an excellent foundation for building compassion, understanding and perspective in our global community. International Service Projects include construction, environmental and social development projects. At the same time as providing exposure to a new community and culture; students learn valuable skills for adaption and meaningful contribution.

Students completing the Global Leadership Diploma combine the international service experience with their academic courses and complete a co-op credit, which includes the following components:

  • Social Science research assignment based on the service project destination
  • Cross-curricular action research integrated into the service project
  • Self-reflection on the overall experience

Global Leadership Co-Curricular Activities

All students participate in a vibrant co-curricular program. Global Leadership students ensure further understanding of their world through exposure to it within the co-curricular program. Students will complete at least two Globally-focused Service Clubs such as: Model UN, War Child, Round Square, Diversity Council, etc.

Adventure-Based Experiences

Through rich experiences at Appleby’s McLaughlin Northern Campus, students challenge themselves and work cooperatively with peers as they engage in real experiences in Canada’s wilderness. Leadership and outdoor education are the structural components of their experience-based curriculum, developing life skills such as self-confidence, understanding relationships, personal growth and a dedicated responsibility toward our local and global communities.

Completion requirements:

  • Upper One canoe expedition
  • Upper Two Northward Bound winter expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, this international award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The award encourages youth to be active, develop new skills and challenge themselves in the areas of: Community Service, Personal Skill Development, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey and Residential Project. All Appleby College students are engaged in this award as they complete it to at least the Bronze level. Global Leadership Diploma students complete the Gold level of the award.

Intercultural Residential Experiences

Intercultural proficiencies are recognized as vital skills in a globalized society. The Diploma requires development of these skills through experiences within Appleby’s intercultural boarding environment and intercultural immersion program.

Required components:

  • Appleby College multicultural residential boarding activities and reflections
  • International intercultural immersion program combining study of the local environment and culture

Global Action Plan

Global Leadership students will complete their diploma with the development of a Global Action Plan. It will ensure that students will have reflected on their global learning experiences throughout their Appleby years and provide them with an opportunity to plan for their futures. Students will outline a proposal addressing an issue that their experiences have exposed them to for which they feel strongly about and would like to explore further beyond graduation.