Community Living is an organization which empowers adults with special needs. The student at this placement will help with gardening duties at various CLO group homes, meet up with their buddies for some social time and help with the light packaging and assembly lines at the CLO centre. 

DIGNITAS - Appleby Youth Group

Students will be challenged to take action locally and globally regarding HIV/AIDS. They will be encouraged to promote awareness, to fundraise and get involved in service projects both nationally and internationally and may attend presentations by experts in the field. Students also are in charge of organizing the Race for Dignity to raise fund for the HIV/AIDS campaign.


This program runs in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton. Appleby students are trained to be mentors for little brothers and sisters on the waiting list. The program runs at Appleby on Tuesday evenings and it involves planning and executing a comprehensive evening of games, arts and sports.


This facility located on Kerr Street represents about 10 percent of people living below the poverty line in Oakville. Appleby students develop programs for children at KSM involving music, basketball, tutoring and crafts.


This home for the aged welcomes all Appleby students and has them perform a variety of tasks including reading to the seniors, playing Bingo and carpet bowling. Students will be expected to research issues affecting the aging population: DNR orders, living wills, different housing options with family/assisted living.



At this placement students visit a local women’s shelter and complete various jobs specific to the shelter. Students learn about the cycle of abuse, how to create an action plan to leave an abusive situation and the resources which are available to support this departure. Students also work on a presentation regarding promoting the need for more affordable housing in Halton.


Work Hard, Get Dirty, Make Change! This is a hands-on program where Appleby students partner with local environmental groups including: Trout Unlimited, ACER, Groundbreakers, Oakville Green, Sierra Youth Coalition, Conservation Halton and others to work on short term initiatives including creek and shoreline cleanups, tree planting and maintenance, community education and environmental advocacy. The group will plan, organize and run several community initiatives that will improve our local environment. They will also have the opportunity to attend conferences, see speakers and attend community meetings. The group will be able to really impact the development of Appleby’s Sustainability Project. It’s a great chance to pick up some new skills, develop leadership abilities and gain new experiences.


Students teach music to the youth at Kerr Street Ministries and are effective mentors for the teens. The Appleby students are able to convey their love of music in this co-curricular and share how music has empowered them in their lives. This exchange culminates in a performance at the end of the reporting period at KSM Youth Centre


Students will gather items for the animals in the shelter, help with fundraisers and other eventsStudents run a Pet Kindness program that will show others how to properly care for an animal.


Students will collect prom dresses, formal wear and business attire from the greater Appleby community and Oakville retailers. Items will then be distributed to those who are not able to afford them.


This program focuses on a new agency or cause each week. Some weeks the group will be gardening at Oaklands and other weeks they will be performing light packaging and assembly with the participants at Community Living.


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