Senior One

The Senior One Recreation and Fitness Leadership students focus on activities and outdoor adventures that are tailored to enhance leadership, communication and provide the necessary skills and principles to improve their own and others’ quality of life. Throughout the year students develop, implement and participate in outings and practical activities; providing an environment to make choices that foster personal responsibility within their own lifestyles.

During the autumn months the Senior One Instructors are involved in leading Middle One students on their Outdoor Education beginnings. They promote the value of physical fitness, personal well-being, and personal safety to others through units specific to mentoring and leadership. In addition, they are given opportunities to explore the fundamentals of outdoor instruction through applying problem-solving processes, group dynamics, outdoor skills, nutrition and concepts of their personal well-being.

Students apply and practice many of the course theories as they co-lead a six-day winter-camping trip for the Upper Two students during their Northward Bound experience.

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