Senior Two

As a member of the Senior Two Instructor course students find themselves actively engaged in numerous challenging outings throughout the academic year. As the core deliverers within the Northward Bound Program, students are involved in the organization and implementation of trips ranging from those within the Middle School Outdoor Education Curriculum to a self-guided canoe trip, an active unit within their own program of study.

The students are leaders and learners in a total of four outings throughout the school year; in the autumn with Middle Two students, a five-day Senior Instructor winter preparation trip, a six-day trip guiding Upper Two students through their winter experience and the final self-guided, five-day canoe trip in late May. As a result, each participant experiences unique environments, thus challenges, as the time of year changes from one to the next. Through these trips and changing seasons, Instructors acquire knowledge that is transferred to younger students that can then be applied not only to their own Temagami experiences but to their lives at home as well.

As a Senior Instructor, a tremendous amount of self-learning occurs leading up to and on each trip. With a focus on leadership and role-modeling, many of these individuals discover potential within themselves that may not arise in a classroom setting. Always prepared and armed with the willingness to be flexible, the students of this core group use their experiences to gain insight into their abilities and skill levels which allow them to grow as individuals and as leaders. Compiling all their experiences from past trips, coupled with their knowledge and understanding of theories within outdoor education, students leave the course with a stronger belief in themselves and with an ability to adapt to surrounding environments and influences.

The Senior Two Outdoor Education experience encourages our students to build upon and refine their knowledge and vast skill set, to challenge them in becoming a better, more responsible role model, and to seek out experiences that will foster and enhance their leadership within the walls of our school and out of doors.



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