Travel Dates

Appleby College's Admissions team has been busy pulling together a number of events around the globe. If you or someone you know is interested in attending, please contact Matt Sheridan-Jonah, Executive Director, Admissions at (905) 845-4681 ext. 169 or

August 3rd - 9th  China
September 5th - 10th Canada
September 20th - 23rd Bermuda
October  6th - 9th Indonesia
October  7th - 8th Montreal
October  11th - 15th Mexico
October  13th - 15th Thailand
October  14th-18th Vietnam
October  15th Our Kids - Halton
October  20th-30th Hong Kong & China
October  21st Our Kids - Toronto
October  26th - 30th Kazakhstan
October  26th - 1st Germany
October  30th - 2nd South Korea
November  6th - 7th Japan
November 11th - 12th Thailand
November 11th-13th Ukraine
November 14th - 19th Russia
November 9th - 12th Saudi Arabia
November 13th - 15th Dubai
November 14th - 17th Barbados
November 16th-18th Egypt
November 16th-19th Cayman Islands
 November 19th-23rd Turkey
November  28th-30th Indonesia
November 30th-1st Thailand
December 2nd-3rd Vietnam
December 3rd-5th Japan
December 4th-6th Bahamas
December 6th-8th South Korea
December 8th-11th Hong Kong
December 12th-13th Miami
January 11th - 13th Jamaica
January 21st - 25th Nigeria
February 1st - 5th United Kingdom
February  5th - 9th  Ukraine
February 3rd Canada
February 4th-6th Bermuda
February 6th - 8th Bahamas
February 8th - 11th Cayman Islands
February 19th - 25th Germany
February 23rd-25th Bahrain
February 26th-27th Dubai
February 26th-28th Czech Republic
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