Faculty Development

A most interesting change in school culture emerges when students and teachers are able to bring back meaningful, intercultural experiences to the classroom. Discussions evolve into a forum to share broad perspectives. The change inspires both students and teachers to be leaders in creating a future where active citizenship demands that people are intentional in their actions and recognize their ability to either positively or negatively impact the world.

In order to create a school culture where this sort of intentionality and empowerment exist, the collective group must have access to experiences that push them beyond their cultural comfort zone and experience, first-hand an intercultural immersion experience. While this learning is of immense value to students, there is a necessity for teachers to have a similar experience if they are to embrace and incorporate this learning in their classrooms. As more and more students have the opportunity to travel and participate in programs where they are immersed in a new culture, well beyond their previous personal experiences, teachers must undergo similar cultural training to incorporate this level of global-mindedness into their teaching. As such, the goal of the faculty cultural immersion program is to ensure that Appleby teachers participate in significant and meaningful trans-cultural experiences outside their own culture and previous activities.

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