International Trip Leader Training

A high level of preparation is undertaken with the faculty in order to ensure a highly competent group of leaders for international service and intercultural trips. This includes:

Project Leader Training

With a decade of significant international service trip experience, the Appleby College faculty is rich with in-house expertise in leading safe and enriching student trips. Over this time, the school has developed a faculty leader training program and international service curriculum to ensure highly effective practices are shared. New leaders are developed through a staged process of trip leadership, with the idea of quality student experiences and sustainable staffing in mind.

Wilderness First Aid Training

For the safety of student and teacher participants in intercultural and international service trips, all leaders progress through certificate courses in Wilderness First Aid through Wilderness Medical Associates. Completing the Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses, faculty develop skills and expertise in first aid diagnosis, problem-solving and treatment for a remote setting.

Risk Management

The highest level of care is taken to ensure safe practices for all international travel programs offered through Appleby College. The school has been assessed independently by the Young Explorers Trust and awarded Corporate Compliance with the British Standard BS8848, focusing on safety practices for overseas travel. Faculty leader training includes risk assessment for the activities undertaken.

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