About the Alumni Association

The Appleby College Alumni Association’s commitment to sustaining a lifelong relationship with the School and the alumni ensures that the enduring connections remain a core strength of the School for years to come. As part of the Appleby community, the Alumni Association is guided by the School’s values and traditions and strives to engage alumni involvement at Appleby College in mutually beneficial ways that support alumni initiatives.


Guided by the values and traditions of Appleby College, the Association will be a leader among independent school alumni associations by providing a range of services to alumni, students, and the School’s administration, and by informing and influencing policies to further the mission of the School.


"Our goal is to engage alumni as well-informed ambassadors for the school having a positive effect on the Appleby's Community and on our ability to attract students, help graduates get jobs, and are supportive of the school’s philanthropic efforts."

  • to foster and promote close interest and involvement of alumni in the life of the School;
  • to aid and support the School in all of its endeavours;
  • to support, celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of alumni;
  • to nurture and maintain school friendships;
  • to create strong Alumni Association programs.



Reunions Dinner 2011