International Service Learning Programme

Through an increasing student interest in Round Square exchanges and service projects, Appleby College saw the need to create an even wider breadth of intercultural opportunities. By developing its own international service projects, Appleby ensures that the experiences for students are worthwhile, safe, and are the perfect foundation for building compassion, understanding and perspective in our global community. Experiencing culturally diverse environments prepares students for future interactions, locally, nationally and internationally.

Appleby International Service Today

Appleby's International Service program has expanded greatly in the last few years, with more than 300 students participating in international service projects in the last three years. Appleby-sponsored projects are providing wonderful opportunities for students to fulfill their understanding of universal diversity and further develop global responsibility. Appleby College International Service Projects offer a unique, hands-on experience, where service and learning are equally important, and participants gain leadership and team skills that prepare them for exciting, rewarding futures.

Students will ideally complete their international service project in their Senior One (Grade 11) year. This allows them to have potentially completed three separate group trips to Appleby’s McLaughlin Northern Campus, during which they develop important team-building, communication and leadership skills. International service projects typically include construction, environmental and social development, and it is important that students are able to adapt effectively to a new environment and become active in building their new community. As part of the international service-learning curriculum, students engage in pre-project training, debriefing throughout the project, post-project follow-up, and share their experience with the wider Appleby community, through school assemblies, publications and the annual International Trips Fair. In addition, links are being developed between the Appleby International Service Projects and the broader Appleby curriculum, including connections to the Senior Social Sciences courses.

Senior One Cooperative Credit

  • Unique opportunity to enhance student learning, leadership, teamwork and understanding in intercultural environments.
  • Students who participate on an International Service Project and who are enrolled at the Senior One level may then opt to achieve an Appleby International Service Project Co-Op credit.

The Appleby Co-Op credit, as a form of experiential learning, is a valuable compliment to students’ academic experiences and preparation for their future as well as an essential and relevant step in students achieving the Appleby College Diploma with Distinction in Global Leadership.

The Senior One Co-op credit consists of four components:

  • Participation on Service Project – 50%
  • Social Science Component (Campbell Essay) – 25%
  • Academically Focused Project – 15%
  • Global Education Self-Reflection – 10%

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