Middle Two

Each autumn, the Middle Two students are divided into two groups and are required to participate in a four-day trip to Rabbitnose Island, Temagami, Ontario. The trip provides students with opportunities to gain valuable knowledge about themselves, others in their group and the wilderness surrounding them. Throughout the trip, they will receive instruction in a variety of wilderness skills, including canoeing, wilderness navigation with map and compass, outdoor cooking and camping skills. Each group will be led by an Outdoor guide, Senior Instructor and their Form Advisor. This leadership team exemplifies and promotes co-operation, self-confidence, commitment, trust, responsibility and common sense amongst all group members.

Beginning September 16th all students in Middle Two will be participating in an Experiential Education Week. The week will focus on experiential learning at both our Main Campus in Oakville and our McLaughlin Northern Campus in Temagami, Ontario. This program continues to build upon the progression of Outdoor Experiences provided for Appleby students. This progression begins in Middle One with a trip to the YMCA Camp Pine Crest and it will continue next year in Upper One for your son/daughter with a four-day canoe trip in Temagami.

The Middle Two program allows students to experience the Northern Campus prior to their Upper One experience. The program has been designed as multi-purpose: your son/daughter will be actively involved in numerous activities, have opportunities to work together with other students in their grade and more specifically their home form, as well as interacting with Faculty and Senior Outdoor Instructors. Focus is on developing personal skills, self-confidence, leadership, cooperation, environmental awareness, appreciation of the arts and simply having fun.


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