“In keeping with our commitment to integrating the most advanced technology into all facets of teaching and learning at Appleby College, I am excited to announce that we will be implementing a new Education Management System (EMS) - Blackbaud for students, faculty and parents for the 2020-21 school year.”

Katrina Samson
Head of school

Appleby’s New Education Management System (EMS)


To access Appleby’s new education management system simply click on the New EMS (Blackbaud) icon appearing on the school’s homepage or on the button below.


Logging In

To access the new system you will need to enter a username and password. Login details were e-mailed to new and returning parents on January 27, 2020. Should you require any assistance with setting up your username and password please contact the Appleby Technology team at support@appleby.on.ca who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Getting started

When you have logged in with your unique username and password, you will notice a welcome pop-up on your screen. This pop-up shows three 'getting started' items on the right - Profile, Settings and As a Parent. Please follow the steps outlined in each to begin. A green checkmark will appear next to each as you complete the steps.

Your child's profile

This includes a customized view into your child’s Appleby experience - from assignments and due dates; attendance record; grades and more.

  • Progress – provides an overview of elements such as student attendance and academic progress.
  • Schedule – includes your student’s daily class schedule.
  • Assignments – Keep up-to-date on what upcoming student work is due.
  • Conduct – show information on student gatings.
  • Contact Card – provides contact information as well as general bio information.



The Resources page includes a series of links to key school information related to this year’s Registration process. Please note that these links will not be active until January 30, 2020 when registration for the 2020-21 school year opens. This will also be the default landing page when first logging on to Blackbaud.


Coming in September 2020, parents will have access to school related news items and announcements pertaining to their student’s Appleby experience.

If you have questions about the new Education Management System (EMS), please contact:

Information Technology Help Desk: 905-845-4681, ext. 106
Email: support@appleby.on.ca

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