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Remote Learning

In those times when we will have to operate without physical presence on the Appleby Campus, we encourage all members of our community to consider our mission: To educate and enable our students to become leaders of character, major contributors to, and valued representatives of their local, national and international communities.

Appleby’s Remote Learning Plan seeks to provide guidelines and insights to Appleby’s faculty members, students and parents.

Remote learning at Appleby College is all about connecting with others and fostering the relationships we have with our students and colleagues.

We have purposefully chosen to use the phrase Remote Learning when considering our academic approach to providing learning experiences in times of School closures. Naturally, online learning, e-learning and virtual learning come to mind as we consider alternatives to a place-based, Appleby campus experience. However, as a learning organization that values experiential education, we seek to encourage a holistic, considerate approach to learning - where our students continue to learn in thoughtful digital settings, but also without the need to be tied to an electronic device, through periods of reflection and physical activity. Our remote learning plan focuses on the following core principles:

  • Community & wellbeing - Maintaining our Appleby community through social and emotional connections.
  • Continuity - We cannot recreate the nuances of a School day online, but we are committed to providing a simplified school day to ensure an authentic daily routine for students and parents. We also recognize that with students spread across time-zones and teachers who are responsible for family care during this time, simply trying to replicate the school day via a synchronous remote experience can cause stress and feelings of isolation for many community members. As such, we aim to provide quality teaching and learning in a manageable structure for students, parents and teachers.
  • Building on what we know - As one of Canada’s first one-to-one laptop Schools, we are well versed in the use of collaborative and educational technologies. We will make every effort to use technologies, systems and platforms that our students have already used throughout their school experiences. Where suitable, when new technologies need to be introduced, we are committed to introducing those technologies with appropriate supports and resources.
  • Communication & support - Timely and concise information is essential during those times when the Remote Learning plan is in operation. We are committed to providing information in jargon-free and simplified formats, to ensure that every member of our learning community is kept up-to-date and informed.