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Guidelines for parents and guardians

During Remote Learning operations, Appleby understands that parents and guardians will have additional responsibilities and may have to consider work-related activities, family matters and of course, their own and their children’s wellbeing. The following guidelines will help to reduce anxiety regarding your children's learning, through the establishment of a routine, simplified communications and use of familiar tools and platforms.

  1. Establishing a routine and expectations for Remote Learning - Appleby will provide School-level appropriate schedules and guidelines to ensure a sense of continuity and consistency during remote learning. By providing a schedule, aligned with familiar classes and faculty members, we hope to establish a weekly routine. Parents can play a key role in the successful implementation of a remote learning routine by maintaining normal bedtime routines (for all ages!). It’s all too easy for routines to slip and for students to sleep late. A consistent routine will play a pivotal role in your child’s remote learning experience.

    Appleby will provide schedules that incorporate suggested times for academic activities, exercising and self-reflection.
  2. Creating a physical space to learn - Depending on your personal circumstances and location during a period of remote learning, we encourage Appleby parents to consider a dedicated space for their child/children’s learning. This may be challenging with parents and siblings of different ages unexpectedly at home. Ideally this should be a public/family room. If this place can be quiet at times – depending on your circumstances – this would also be beneficial. Most importantly, it should be a space where parents are present and can interact with their children.
  3. Being mindful of your child’s stress or worry - Appleby’s Remote Learning plan will only be activated during serious events. Undoubtedly, remote learning activities will coincide with periods of increased stress for parents and their children. Appleby will continue to provide advising and guidance services throughout periods of remote learning. Appleby’s Physical Education and Athletics teams will provide recommended activities and exercises. Schedules will include time for periods of quiet and reflection, physical exercise and community interactions (via technology platforms).
  1. Monitoring communications and checking-in - Appleby faculty will continue to use the same tools and technologies that students are already familiar with. We encourage parents to have their children explain the various platforms and systems that are used by Appleby Faculty (Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Canvas). Appleby faculty will continue to communicate with parents and guardians, but we remind you that we will be responding to numerous communications during a period of remote learning. We have encouraged students to check their Appleby email at least twice daily. Despite the impact of increased communications, we do want to hear from Appleby parents, particularly about any social/emotional concerns and challenges with remote learning.

    At the end of the first week of remote learning, an email communication will be sent out to parents from our Director, Parent Relations, asking for parent feedback on Appleby’s Remote Learning Plan via a survey.
  2. Balancing online/screen time - Our remote learning plan and schedule has been designed to provide a balanced approach to online time. We do not wish our students nor our faculty to work at screens for eight hours a day. As we move from on-campus to remote learning, we ask that parents understand that there will be some trial and error as we adjust the schedule to ensure a suitable online and offline balance.

For more news and information, please visit Parent Central.