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Technology Systems for Supporting Remote Learning

Appleby College has reviewed best practices and resources from educational partners, including Universities, the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, peer schools, and leading online providers, including the Global Online Academy. Combined with Appleby’s 20 years of experience in 1-to-1 laptop programs, we offer the following FAQs.

Q1: How will Appleby College communicate with parents, students and faculty/staff during an extended remote learning event and campus closure?

A: To ensure consistency and embracing our concept of ‘building on what we know’ we will use the following, existing channels. These systems are typically provided by cloud service providers.

Service Appleby Community Members Details and Uses

Email (Microsoft Outlook) and Email distribution lists

Faculty, staff, students, parents

Email use will be purposefully limited to significant communications, including those from the Principal and the Head of School.

Parents are included in our email distribution service, with updates being sent to their preferred email account. This is the email account where parents would typically receive all school emails and ‘Appleby this Week’.

Faculty, staff and students all have Appleby issued email addresses which are used for internal communications and academic related activities.

During periods of remote learning, faculty, staff and students will check email at least 2-3 times per day.

Public Website

Appleby Community and General public

Appleby College will maintain general and regular updates on our public website at

Microsoft Office 365 Suite: OneNote, Teams

Faculty, staff and students

Microsoft’s Office 365 will continue as the platform for academic collaboration for all levels of the School e.g. Microsoft OneNote for content and Microsoft Teams for chat/discussions.

The Meetings function within Microsoft Teams may be used for synchronous online meetings.

The Office 365 suite is installed on all Appleby issued laptops and is also available via the web-based service (

Canvas Learning Management System

Learning management system available to faculty and students.

Some faculty and students have previous experience of Canvas e.g. online civics. Canvas allows for the sharing of academic content, quizzes, discussions and assignments.( )

Zoom Video Conferencing

 Faculty, staff.

Faculty will use Zoom for academic related purposes, internal planning meetings and academic classes. (

Q2: Are the systems that are used for remote learning, the same as those that are regularly used during normal classes?

A: Yes, we use the same systems (Office 365, OneNote, Teams, Canvas) during normal campus operations. These services are provided by cloud-based service providers, with only a small number of staff-focused services residing on Appleby hosted servers. By using cloud services, Appleby has ensured that these services are provided by top-tier, global vendors with adequate backups and contingency plans. Moreover, Appleby’s technology team has multiple personnel trained in the administration of these services, in the event of the unavailability of some staff members.

Q3: How will Appleby College ensure that students have access to these systems from off campus?

A: All Appleby students are issued with a consistent laptop that is pre-installed with Office 365 applications. The majority of students take their devices home on a daily basis. In the event, that students have left their laptops in boarding residences, Appleby will make arrangements to return laptops to students where possible. If a student or faculty member is unable to access their Appleby issued laptop, most of our technology tools are not device specific and can be accessed through a standard internet connected device.

Q4: Who do we contact with questions and for support?

For Queries about... Contact
A course, assignment, or class resource The appropriate teacher
A technology related problem or issue Email or call 905-845-4681 ext. 106
A personal, academic or social-emotional concern Your advisor, grade band counsellor, house director or school director
Other issues related to remote learning Assistant Head of School, Academics (Fraser Grant) or Head of School (Katrina Samson)