“The Residential Life programme is an integral component of the Appleby College experience. The boarding programme prepares student well for university life and promotes understanding, empathy and inclusion, while encouraging meaningful relationships with a diverse group of students from across the globe. The friendships, connections and memories that are made are sure to stay with the students forever.”

Brendan Samson
Director, Residential Life
Teacher, Social Science
Department Head, Social Sciences

The Residential Life Experience

Baillie House

Baillie House Covenant

As the Baillie House family, we promise to respect not only each other, the house faculty, and others, but ourselves and the environment as well. We strive to lead as a united community supporting each other in all that we do. As a house, we will present ourselves with passion, spirit and integrity. With pride and honour we will be responsible contributors to our community. 

Baillie House Contacts

Baillie House Duty Phone – 905-510-8836

Han Chau, House Director
E-mail: hchau@appleby.on.ca

Erin Seamone '98, Assistant House Director
E-mail: eseamone@appleby.on.ca

Colley House

Colley House Covenant


Represented within Colley House are a wide range of cultures, heritages and experiences. we cherish and protect our identities whilst appreciating the uniqueness of one another. although we come from different backgrounds, we find comfort in the fact that we are all united through the bonds we share as bulldogs.  


We strive to become the best individuals we can be. We recognize the value in self-improvement and know that there are no shortcuts in life. only through dedication and hard work do we make our dreams become reality. Not only will we try and improve ourselves, but also the groups and environments that we are part of.


We will have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and make decisions that are just and ethical. We will follow our intuition and do what is right no matter what. Change requires a catalyst and as bulldogs we understand that it is our responsibility to fulfill this role.

Colley House Contacts

Colley House Duty Phone – 905-850-2026

Stephen Telling, House Director
E-mail: stelling@appleby.on.ca

Luke VanderHulst, Assistant House Director
E-mail: lvanderhulst@appley.on.ca


Powell's House

Powell’s House Covenant

We, as the lions of Powell’s House, strive towards the common goals of happiness, mental and physical health, and honesty. The Powell’s House Lions recognize the importance of honesty and integrity and thus hope for a loyal and trustworthy environment where each person is respected for who they are. Each day is not merely an occurrence of chance, but rather an opportunity looking to be grasped. The Lions of Powell’s House believe that happiness and health are two fundamental aspects that foster a safe and welcoming environment. Most of all, Powell’s House recognizes that our actions as a whole defines each individual. Thus, Powell’s House will always resonate with tremendous loyalty, integrity, and support.

Powell's House Contacts

Powell’s House Duty Phone – 905-580-0931

Evan Fleming, House Director
E-mail: efleming@appleby.on.ca

Matthew Rudisi, Assistant House Director
E-mail: mrudisi@appleby.on.ca

Walker House

Walker House Covenant

As a collection of individual minds, we promise to celebrate our differences and embrace our commonalities. We believe in fostering belonging as we grow individually and as a community. We swear to accept each member of our house for who they are and strive to challenge one another to be better. We are growing. We are diverse. We are harmonious. We are Walker.

Walker House Contacts

Walker House Duty Phone – 905-510-6380

Kristina Udegbunam, House Director
E-mail: kudegbunam@appleby.on.ca

Margaret Hanrahan, Assistant House Director
E-mail: mhanrahan@appleby.on.ca

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Residential Life Contact Information

Brendan Samson, Director, Residential Life
Phone: 905-845-4681, ext. 187
E-mail: bsamson@appleby.on.ca

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