“I believe that the Residential Life programme at Appleby College allows all of our students to benefit from the many advantages that boarding has to offer. They will make new friendships, create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime as well as prepare themselves for life in university and beyond.”

Director, Residential Life
Teacher, Mathematics
House Director, Colley House

The Residential Life Experience

Baillie House

Baillie House Covenant

As sisters of Baillie House, we commit ourselves to seeing the world not just as it is, but as it could be. We strive to lead as a united community supporting and respecting each other in all that we do. The Baillie House ladies will embrace each other’s similarities and learn and grow from our differences. With pride and honour we will be responsible contributors to society.

Baillie House Contacts

Han Chau, House Director
E-mail: hchau@appleby.on.ca

Colley House

Colley House Covenant

As members of Colley House, we pledge as a house that we will, in acknowledgement of the different cultures and backgrounds present, embrace diversity and celebrate our difference as one house. We, as members of Colley House will be leaders within the school, leading by example through our respect for others, our integrity, our trustworthiness and responsibility, both to ourselves and to others. A spirit of brotherhood will shine in all aspects of Colley House life, bringing us closer together and allowing our entire house to act as one. Colley House recognizes that actions within a community speak louder than words, and therefore, we reiterate that we will think before we act in order to ensure that our actions will show respect for the house and boarding community as a whole!

Colley House Contacts

Stephen Telling, House Director
E-mail: stelling@appleby.on.ca

Luke VanderHulst, Assistant House Director
E-mail: lvanderhulst@appley.on.ca

Powell's House

Powell’s House Covenant

We, as the gentlemen of Powell’s House, strive to lead towards the common goals of happiness, success, kindness, and prosperity. The Powell’s House gentlemen recognize the importance of unity and teamwork and thus embrace the differences and similarities ever-present in each of us. Each day is not merely an occurrence of chance, but rather an opportunity looking to be grasped. The gentlemen of Powell’s House look to open up to these opportunities with integrity, responsibility, effort and hope. Most of all, Powell’s House recognizes that our actions as a whole defines each individual. Thus, Powell’s House will always resonate with a tremendous brotherhood, teamwork, and support.

Powell's House Contacts

Evan Fleming, House Director
E-mail: efleming@appleby.on.ca

Matthew Rudisi, Assistant House Director
E-mail: mrudisi@appleby.on.ca

Walker House

Walker House Covenant

We the girls of Walker House, promise to live in harmony with patience and acceptance towards each other. We will engage spirit and passion in our community and be loyal to our friends showing them truth and justice.


Walker House Contacts

Andrea Kelly, House Director
E-mail: akelly@appleby.on.ca

Kristina Udegbunam, Assistant House Director
E-mail: kudegbunam@appleby.on.ca

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Residential Life Contact Information

Stephen Telling, Director, Residential Life
Phone: 905-845-4681, ext. 502
E-mail: stelling@appleby.on.ca

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