House Cup Standings

*Please Note – due to the COVID-19 Pandemic it has been decided that all houses will be shared Champions of the 2019-2020 House Cup.  News on the 2020-2021 House Cup will be released in the coming months.

Event/House Baillie Colley Powell's Walker
House Council Club Event        
Spirit Day #1 (Sept)        
Trivia Kahoot (Homecoming)        
Laser Tag (Councils)        
Spirit Day #2 (May)        
Service Hours        
Academic Average        
House Dinners        
Baillie House Dinner        
Colley House Dinner        
Powell's House Dinner        
Walker House Dinner        
Individual House Events        
Colley - Colleyoke (Arts)        
Powell's TBD        
Walker TBD        
Baillie TBD        
Sustainability House Challenge        

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