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Blue Dog Update

Our Blue Dogs are committed! I just wanted to make you aware of an initiative that our Athletic Council has brought forward this fall. Through the power of social media and television, there are endless examples of athletes behaving poorly or inappropriately. But the Athletic Council thought it was important to raise the culture of sport here at Appleby to the highest standards! A pledge sheet has been distributed to each team and will be signed by every member of that team. The pledge speaks to conducting yourself in a responsible way and respecting others. You cannot control the actions of your opponent, or the actions of officials, or the actions of spectators. What you can control is your conduct and how you support your team. The most successful teams have a culture of looking at themselves first and foremost, and asking themselves “what can I do to help make this team successful?” That’s the Blue Dog way! Always keep in mind how your actions impact your team and never worry about what you can’t control. When opponents face Appleby they will know two things- the Blue Dogs are respectful, and they play hard! I have included the pledge that our teams are signing – PROUD TO BE A BLUE DOG!