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February arrived with a winter blast! Monday the school was closed and we were left digging ourselves out from the snow that was delivered courtesy of the Alberta Clipper. We may not like what mother nature has to offer at times, and we often find ourselves trying to manage stormy conditions in the winter. Ultimately, we can’t control the weather, but we can control how we deal with a messy situation. The same can be said in the world of athletics. We may not achieve the results we want. We may have to face less than ideal conditions. We may have to compete in a turbulent environment, and in many cases we do not have control of our surroundings. BUT we do have control of how we conduct ourselves.  I had the privilege of sitting on the bench with the Jr Boys D2 Basketball team. I say privilege because it truly was one. The boys would be the first to tell you that they have not achieved results this year that they may have hoped for. It has been a challenging season and a learning experience for everyone on the team. Regardless of the score, these boys give it all they have! On Thursday the D2 team fought valiantly against Villanova College. Oliver D'Aguilar was a solid presence under the net both defensively and offensively scoring the first basket of the game and two more after that. Matthew Lobo had an impressive rebounding game and was a force to be reckoned with. Albi Nani encouraged the team with his drive and determination and played a strong defensive game. Braeden Kerr finished the game with 6 points. It is important to note that players like Oliver and Matthew are playing basketball for the very first time and doing an incredible job. Congratulations boys on the strides you have made this season!


Our swimmers were in fine form on Thursday achieving some amazing results. Many of our students achieved personal best times at the Magna meet – some swimmers seemed to have an outboard motor strapped to them taking up to 22 seconds off a 100m race!!!  Aysegul Alpay is enjoying her first year on the team and earned a personal best in every one of her events, including the 50 metre fly.  Well done to all of our swimmers who dedicate so many hours in the pool for a matter of seconds in a race.