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When the word DYNASTY comes to mind in the world of sports, we often remember certain teams- the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70’s, the New York Islanders /Edmonton Oilers/ and San Francisco 49ers of the 80’s, the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s…… and the Sr. Girls Appleby Blue Dog Field Hockey team of present time! These young ladies made our school very proud today by winning CISAA Gold with a convincing 10-0 victory over TCS. When you think of dynasty’s, you tend to find many of the same characteristics between all of these teams. Great coaching- Ms. Creelman, Ms. Lane, and Ms. Henhawk are the finest you will find. Great talent, skill, and intensity- our girls were the class of the league and their opponents often found it difficult to compete against such tenacity. Wave after wave of pressure was applied on the TCS goal keeper with incredible stickhandling and relentless speed. Unselfish attitude- the girls worked the ball around with patience and continually encouraged their teammates throughout the match. Great goal scorers- Annie MacDonald, Brooke Jovanovich, Mel Forbes, Julianna Guglietti (2), Jaime Bourbonnais (3 –Hat Trick!), and Ali Cohen (2) – Ali scored one of the nicest goals I have ever seen….top shelf!!! Great leadership- The S2 students on this team were exemplary role models to their younger teammates (well done Julia Edgar, Jaime Bourbonnais, “Googs” Vanessa and Julianna, Maddie Sisokin, Maddy Simmons, Ali Cohen, and Isabelle Akdeniz). Other notable attributes of this team are that they had great camaraderie, they made it look easy, and they put the team before any individual. The last characteristic that made this dynasty stand out was their mascot! Brooke Jovanovich brought her 9 week old yellow lab  (Jake) to stand in as our Blue Dog…..he may not be a Greyhound, but there didn’t seem to be any complaints. Great job ladies!!