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(Above): A Video Message from Fraser Grant '87, Head of School & Deputy Principal, Appleby College

True Blue Campaign in Support of Appleby COLLEGE

I am excited to share with you the launch of this year’s True Blue campaign in support of Appleby College. I hope you will join me, my children Madeline Grant ’16, Charlie Grant ’19, and Ayla Grant ’22, and participate as the school strives to increase our Alumni participation to 25%.

So, what does it mean to be True Blue and why is it important that Alumni participate in this year’s campaign? True Blue is the essence of who we are as a community. It is the perseverance and resilience to overcome adversity. It is the character and commitment to have a positive impact on the lives of others. It is the courage and determination to do what’s right no matter the obstacles. True Blue is what makes you as Alumni of Appleby College so special.

Why is participating in this year’s True Blue campaign important? Simply put, because it will make a difference! The True Blue campaign will allow Appleby to continue to offer an exceptional educational experience for current and future generations of students. During your time at Appleby, there were many True Blue leaders who through their generosity and selflessness helped shape and sustain our reputation and legacy. Their commitment of paying-it-forward is what has enabled Appleby to continually enhance the student experience, while still maintaining a respect and appreciation for our history and traditions. We recognize that we do not appear to be a school that requires additional financial support. As a not-for-profit, we fund our programmes through a mix of tuition fees, commercial activities, grants from the Appleby College Foundation and philanthropic gifts. And while tuition fees allow us to provide the core elements of the Appleby experience, it is through philanthropic gifts to the True Blue campaign that enable us to enhance and grow initiatives such as the Alumni Family Scholarship; Financial Assistance; AC Alumni Network; the Alumni Mentors Programme; academic initiatives in Science, Design & Robotics; and Health & Wellness.

Please help us to continue to build on the legacies of those who have gone before us by participating in this year’s True Blue campaign. Alumni are an important part of our great community, and we hope you will consider a gift to further enrich the Appleby experience for all.
Thank you,
Fraser Grant '87
Head of School & Deputy Principal, Appleby College