Guide to the ACPA

History of the ACPA

In 1928, when Lady Edith Ballie founded the Women's Association, Appleby School was just seventeen years old. The school grounds comprised 32 acres and housed Colley House (known then as School House), Powell's House, a covered rink, a barn, and a Chapel under construction. In a letter dated from 1929, Lady Baillie writes that a Women's Association "would further the welfare of the school and add to the comfort of the Masters and boys." The Women's Association held its first annual meeting in Powell's House on May 23, 1929 with 10 members present. Lady Baillie envisioned and presided over an organization that provided materially, as well as encouraged and supported Appleby in all its endeavours. Lady Baillie was a constant and capable presence in the life of the school until her death in 1965.

Throughout its history, the Association has maintained an active tradition of volunteerism, which has brought tangible results and raised community spirit. Since 1990, the Appleby College Parents' Association has borne this name to reflect involvement by both mothers and fathers. In addition to increasing parent involvement, the ACPA undertook a $750,000 pledge to the Promise The Future campaign – which they met. Today's Executive committee conducts monthly open meetings for the purpose of planning and coordinating a myriad of volunteer opportunities. Whether initiating a fundraiser or a friendraiser, enhancing life within the school remains the Association's priority. A sampling of recent volunteer opportunities include:

Gala Auction

College Shop

Chapel Guild

Fashion Show

Grade Photos


Lost and Found

Welcome Back BBQ

Tree Trimming

Spring Fling

Turnover Shop

Online Bookstore

Open House

Boarder Study Breaks


Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Grade Parties

Annual General Meeting

The story of the Appleby College Parents' Association has unfolded over more than 80 years and joined generations together. Lady Baillie's legacy lives on through the good work and camaraderie of so many parent volunteers, ensuring a bright future for the Appleby College Parents' Association.

ACPA Mandate and Members

The Appleby College Parents' Association (ACPA) enjoys a long-standing relationship with Appleby College. Since its founding by Lady Edith Baillie in 1928, the role of the ACPA has been “to take an active interest in the comfort and well-being of our students through co-operation with the Principal.”

The ACPA’s mandate supports the Board of Governors of Appleby College, the Appleby College Foundation, the Principal, the faculty and administration, as they provide an outstanding educational experience to the students in their care.

 The ACPA includes all parents and guardians of current students at Appleby College, along with Alumni Parents and Honorary Members. All members of the Appleby community are welcome to attend ACPA monthly meetings. The contribution of each and every member is valuable and appreciated.

 The ACPA accomplishes its goals through:

• The annual election of an Executive Committee, which consists of seven Officers and various Committee Chairs.

• The Executive Committee abides by the Constitution and Bylaws (revised 2012).

• The Officers and Committee Chairs oversee portfolios that support the ongoing business of the ACPA.

• Executive members and/or Members-at-Large may form subcommittees to oversee specific projects, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

• The dispersal of funds raised by the ACPA shall be for the benefit of Appleby College and the Appleby College Foundation (Bursary), in consultation with the Principal.

Executive Committee approval is required for all new projects, all expenditures, and any non-constitutional changes in ACPA policy.

Executive Members should strive to:

• Welcome all parents and guardians to the ACPA.

• Encourage involvement through the ongoing recruitment of volunteers.

• Be a resource for volunteers.

• Attend monthly Executive meetings to stay current with ACPA business and be part

of the decision-making process.

• Report regularly on progress and developments in their portfolios.

• Communicate timely information through the appropriate channels.

• Become knowledgeable of all aspects of the ACPA.

• Be a good representative for Appleby College and the ACPA.

The ACPA is a member of Interguild, an association of similar organizations from independent schools around Ontario. Interguild is a resource for the Executive, allowing members to share ideas and discuss matters of common interest and concern. The Second Vice- President fulfills the function of Interguild representative.


The Appleby College Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is a volunteer board comprised of parents, alumni and alumni parents. The president of the ACPA, Alumni Association and the Appleby College Foundation sit as ex officio members of this board as does the Principal. There are five standing committees: finance, development, property and governance and risk. The board is always looking for diversity and it is our practice to have potential members serve on a board committee prior to being named to the board.


The Appleby College Foundation Board

The Appleby College Foundation Board has a volunteer board whose job is to build and steward endowed funds for the primary purpose of student financial assistance.


Advancement Office

The Advancement Office is responsible for all fundraising activities at the school, including student fundraising for charity and for the ACPA. The Advancement Office co-ordinates the Gala Auction, the Fine Wine Auction, Appleby Community Golf Classic and supports the work of our adult volunteers. The office meets with alumni and parents around the world and seeks members of the Appleby community to host them in their city. For more information please contact


Constitution and Bylaws

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