John Berriman

John Berriman was a faculty member at Appleby College from 1972-2004. John was a geography teacher, but also taught science, physical education, earth science and world issues. John founded Appleby's swimming program and was the coach for 20 years; he led the First Swimming team to six independent school championships and the Second Swimming team to 11 championships. John was the Housemaster of the Junior School dormitory (1973-1984), Housemaster of Walker House (1984-1988), Director of Service, manager of the chess club, started a rocket club for the Junior School, as well as a scuba club for senior students and established Appleby as a designated Arboretum and a member of the American Association of Arboreta (ca.1990). John is an honorary member of the Alumni Association and the John Berriman Geography Award is named in his honour. John is also an alumni parent, his son David graduated in 1988.

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