Appleby College Documentation Requirements for Students Requesting Accommodation

Appleby College Student Services is committed to accommodating the needs of students with disabilities in a way that responds to a student’s unique circumstances. In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Appleby College will accommodate the needs of students with disabilities to allow them to access educational services equally, unless to do so would cause undue hardship. While the school does not have a special education department, we are able to offer certain accommodations to assist students with special needs to develop their individual potential. Appleby does not remove program requirements based on a special need.

Students requesting accommodation for a disability are responsible for providing appropriate documentation to the school during the admission process or immediately following a diagnosis, whichever happens first. The school may not be able to provide supports to students who do not inform the school of their special needs and/or do not provide appropriate documentation or assessment information either at the time of admission or following admission to the school.

Documentation of any disability must come from a qualified practitioner who is certified in diagnosing and treating the student’s particular disability. (A standard medical note from a family doctor does not meet the requirement for documentation.)

For a learning disability, a Psychological or Psycho-educational Assessment is required. The assessment should be no more than three years old. Current assessments provide the most accurate recommendations for the current level of learning. The assessment must be completed and signed by a registered psychologist or registered psychological associate. The assessment must include an assessment of cognitive functioning, an assessment of academic functioning, assessment and identification of the specific information processing deficits, assessment of socio-emotional functioning and a diagnostic statement confirming the learning disability. Test scores and subtest scores should be included in the report or as an addendum to the report. Recommendations for accommodation in the Appleby College environment should be listed.

Documentation of medical or physical disabilities must be provided by the student’s doctor and include a statement of diagnosis and nature of the disability or illness, a summary of symptoms including severity, duration and intensity, a description of expected progress or stability of the impact of the disability and how the disability might impact the student’s ability to take part in the Appleby program.

For psychiatric disabilities, documentation must include the following: a statement of the nature of the disability, including the DSM-IV diagnosis, a summary of symptoms, including severity, duration and intensity, a description of expected progress or stability of the impact of the disability and how the disability might impact the student’s ability to take part in the Appleby program.

In order for a student in need of temporary therapeutic support to receive reasonable accommodation, he or she must be under the care of a qualified medical practitioner and be receiving treatment to address his/her difficulties. Temporary supports may be provided, at the discretion of Appleby College, while the student is receiving treatment. Such supports will be reassessed at the end of every school year and may be discontinued depending on individual circumstances. Documentation should explain the disability or illness, including presenting symptoms, their severity and the expected duration of the disability or illness. A statement of the impact of the disability or illness on the student’s ability to take part in the Appleby program is also required.

All documentation should be sent directly to the Head of School which will be maintained in a confidential file. The documentation will be reviewed by a designate of the Head of School who has suitable training for interpretation of the assessment and/or reports. After a review of the documentation, the designate of the Head of School will prepare a Student Services Memo which outlines the accommodation and/or supports that the school is able to put in place. The Memo will not disclose a student’s medical diagnosis, but will provide teachers and other school personnel with strategies and supports to enable the student to work towards his or her full potential.

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