Appleby College's

Return to School Programme and COVID-19 Updates



We are so looking forward to welcoming students back to campus in just a few short weeks! Over the course of the summer Appleby’s faculty and employees have been working incredibly hard to ensure that your return to school and all of the elements that make the Appleby experience so special are ready for you.

When students return to campus on Monday, September 14 you are going to notice some changes – from class sizes to how co-curriculars and meals will take place. To help prepare families for their child’s return to school, we encourage you to take some time and review Appleby’s Return to School Programme on this and this site's subsequent pages. We also encourage you to check back often as over the coming weeks we will continue to provide updates on areas that are still being worked on.

In developing our approach to re-opening we have come to appreciate that there is no single solution to the challenges COVID-19 presents. We are therefore taking an approach that includes multiple elements that working in tandem will help reduce the risk to our students, employees, parents and the broader community. The successful mitigation of risk will require our whole community's support and adherence. We have a shared responsibility to our own individual as well as the community’s health and wellness.

Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and compassion. We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we can’t wait to see you back on campus!


Return to School Agreement and Declaration

To confirm that you have read and fully understand Appleby’s Return to School Programme we are asking all parents to sign and submit a declaration form by Thursday, September 10, 2020. To access the declaration form please click the button below:

General Principle

While the structure of Appleby’s operating model will continue to evolve subject to changes based on government regulations, changing health parameters, and our evolving understanding of practises, pedagogy, and the health of our community, the core principle will remain steadfast, that Appleby is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students and employees and delivering an excellent educational experience that is consistent with our School’s philosophy and pillars.


Outbreak Management Model & Mitigation Measures

In developing our approach to re-opening we undertook extensive consultations with infectious disease and public health officials as well as our colleagues at other schools in Canada and around the world. Based on these discussions we have come to appreciate that there is no single solution to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic present. We have therefore taken an approach that includes multiple elements that working in tandem will help reduce the risk to our students, employees, parents and the broader community. The successful mitigation of risk will require our whole community's support and adherence as we all have a shared responsibility, not only to our own individual, but more importantly, to our community’s health and wellbeing.

We anticipate that throughout 2020/21, we will need to change our operating model due to improvements/declines in the number of COVID-19 cases in our region which will result in changes in government regulations including the easing or tightening of restrictions allowing for changing density of students, shifting to remote learning for periods, or times when there are significant numbers requiring quarantining. We require a highly flexible model that works under all of these circumstances and allows for shifting between modes while maintaining the dual priorities of safety and superb education.

Outbreak Management Model

We have developed the following simple, multi-tiered chart that will be used to communicate shifting situations throughout the year. Based on our assessment and following consultations with Halton Region Public Health and other medical experts we will be opening the school in September operating in TIER 3.  

Area & Function TIER 1
Lockdown / Remote
Some Campus Operations
Open / Modified Programmes
Open / More Fulsome Programmes
Regular Operations
Case State High Community Transmission Declining Community Transmission Transmission Controlled No or few cases in Region Vaccine Rolled Out/Limited or no risk
Workplace All Remote But Essential Essential & Basic Academic Programmes Faculty, Selected Staff & Students on Campus but No Visitors; Some Onsite Experiential Programming Tier 3 plus Small Events and Meetings; Some Off-site Experiential Programming All Back on Campus
Key Health Risk Mitigators in Place 2M Physical Distancing, Masks, Screening, Hygiene +++, Strict Sick Policy, COVID Alert App Tier 1 plus Cohorting as per Ontario Gov't Guidelines and Surveillance Testing as Capabilities Become Feasible Same as Tier 2 Same as Tier 2 but with less than 2M Physical Distancing Lessons Learned to Prevent Future Pandemics
Academic Programme All Remote Middle School full time every day; Upper and Senior School operating in a HyFlex 50% Ratio Same as Tier 2 Same as Tier 2 but with HyFlex Ratio exceeding 50% Normal 
Co-Curricular Programmes All Remote Limited to Where Strong Cohorting Can Be Maintained No Contact Sports, Non-Competitive Drills & Skills, Limited Experiential, External Community Service and Music Offerings Controlled Athletic Competitions, Modified Experiential, External Community Service and Music Offerings Full Co-Curricular Programme Including Experiential, Outdoor & Global Ed Programme
Boarding Lockdown Mode 1 Boarder Per Room (No Bubble), Limited Holiday Travel Mix of 1 & 2 Boarders Per Room Carefully Bubbled, Travel Reporting 2 Boarding Students Per Room, Commitment to Limited and Controlled Social Bubbles, Travel Reporting and Offsite Travel Normal
Meals In-Room Dining Only for Boarders Classroom Delivery 2-3 Sites Offering Grab & Go Lunches, Controlled Boarding Meals Reduced Distancing of Tables in Main Dining Hall One Dining Hall, Full Servery Operation
Health Centre Operations Additional COVID Capacity, Boarding Only Additional COVID Capacity, Triage Protocols Modified to Pre-Screen for COVID; Some On-Site Testing Deployed; Administration Support for Contact Tracing Added; Boarders Quarantined/Isolated On-Site if Required; Day Students Directed to Local Health Centre Same as Tier 2 Same as Tier 2 Normal 
Bussing None 2M Rule, Cohorted, Masks, Assigned Seating 1 Student Per Seat, Masks, Cohorted Masks, Cohorted Normal
Events None Select, Small (<10) and with Social Distancing Select, Small (<50) and With Social Distancing Select, Small (<100) and with Social Distancing Normal
Renters None None Limited and Very Controlled Outdoor Facilities Limited and Very Controlled Outdoor and Indoor Facilities Normal
Travel None Strict Protocols Around Reporting & Quarantines Same as Tier 2 Conduct Requires Self-Reporting and Quarantines Normal

Mitigation Measures

Mitigation Measures - We will re-open in September onsite and face-to-face with the following mitigation measures in place that adhere to government and public health requirements and exceed them where appropriate. We will:

Require students, employees and visitors to complete and submit a daily screening application
Educate students, employees and parents on the plan and their role through electronic communications, in school signage and direct messaging
Develop specialized care plans for high risk students and employees
Introduce modifications to the school’s student and employee dress codes
Enforce physical distancing in all classrooms and throughout the campus
Install signage and space markers throughout the school buildings and residences to educate and re-enforce physical distancing measures
Reduce the number of people on campus at any one time including restricting access to parents and visitors
Require the wearing of at a minimum a 2-ply cloth face mask at all times indoors including during classes
Re-configure hallway and stairwell traffic flows to reduce the number of people at any one time
Cap the number of students per classroom at a maximum of 15
Introduce a two semester, 10-day, HyFlex academic model for Upper and Senior School and adjust the school calendar accordingly
Maintain year-long, 5-day academic model for the Middle School
Re-locate all Middle School classes to a series of newly installed portables on East Field
Install plexiglass or alternative physical barriers in classrooms
Provide faculty and other staff with necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)
Remove furniture to prevent individuals from congregating in numbers greater than 10
Convert large person events like the All School Assembly, Chapel, and Grade Band meetings to on-line. Cancel, modify or re-schedule community events like the Welcome Back BBQ, Grade Parties, Homecoming, Optimates Dinners, etc.
Enhance ventilation in buildings through improved airflow practises including fresh-air and the upgrade of indoor air filtration systems
Increase cleaning and disinfection measures especially on high-touch surfaces like door handles, railings, desks and washrooms
Promote proper hygiene practises and routines including frequent washing or sanitizing of hands, coughing or sneezing into your sleeve, wearing of a mask and social distancing of two-metres
Installation of over 250 hand sanitization stations throughout campus and touchless faucets in public washrooms
Implement contact tracing, self-isolation and quarantining protocols
Construct new Health Centre
Update business continuity plan and crisis response plan in preparation for a potential outbreak on campus in the Fall
Install plexiglass or alternative physical barriers and protective measures in the dining hall and modify the Old Gym to accommodate lunchtime service
Work with Sodexo to introduce a pre-order app to allow students to pre-order lunches
Modify co-curricular programme that leverages outdoor space, small team practises, intramural games and training
Re-open boarding with one student per room prioritizing the move-in of our distant boarders. Most Senior Two boarders who are local will start the school year as day students.