Sustainability At Appleby Sustainability At Appleby

Sustainability At Appleby


The following message is from Rob McGuiness, Assistant Head of School, Global & Experiential Education, Jewell Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer, and Michael O'Connor, Chief Marketing and Enrolment Officer.

We at Appleby College are committed to being globally responsible and sustainable as we continue to integrate whole-school regenerative solutions, policies and practices with the support of the school’s Sustainability & Regeneration Committee, Sustainability Prefect, Sustainability Council and Earthworks co-curricular. 

Today, these efforts are woven throughout our campus landscape. Such examples include the living wall and food waste management system in the Schlesinger Dining Hall, the innovative Permaculture Lab Class Garden, the J.S. Gairdner Arena’s teaching greenhouse, student learning and engagement at the Sustainability Hub, and the beautiful display of indoor plants that complement our halls and common areas. Students also engage in a series of activities throughout the year during events such as Social Sustainability Week and Earth Week which are aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Appleby's social, environmental and economic sustainability efforts.  

Other sustainability initiatives currently underway include the creation of an original art piece from melted plastic plates by Appleby alumnus Roger Brenninkmeyer '90, founder of PECO. Bikes for Boarders launched earlier this month which provides bicycles for Appleby boarders to use during weekends. Finally, last spring, in partnership with Alveole Urban Beekeeping, Appleby introduced honeybees to the horticulture garden behind Powell's House. The addition of the bees provides valuable educational opportunities for our students and enhances the school’s sustainable practices. 

A number of operational enhancements are also underway to further the school’s commitment to sustainability and regeneration. Highlights include an Electric Equipment Purchase Policy so that any small, new equipment pieces are being bought as battery operated, switching over from gas powered; and the school’s Flooring Policy requires that any new flooring installed must have an end-of-life recycle program. Negotiations are underway for installing solar panels on the J.S. Gairdner Arena roof, which would produce up to ten per cent clean energy on campus. The school is also teaming up with Trees4Travel – a carbon offset organization – to not only offset all travel, but also plant enough trees to produce the carbon used for all travel across Appleby’s portfolio. 

While much has been done, there is also much more to do. As part of our commitment to sustainability and regeneration at the school, we invite parents, students, faculty and staff to participate in a brief transportation survey and to share your thoughts on bussing, ridesharing and alternative methods of commuting to campus. Please click here to respond by Monday, June 5, 2023.
Thank you for your continued support! Stay Green, Blue Dogs!