Co-curricular Program

Appleby's Co-curricular Program develops the whole student, through a strong academic curriculum and required participation in athletics, arts, service and residential life programs. Appleby broadens the experiences of its students through a comprehensive co-curricular program. The school ensures each student encounters valuable experiences in all these areas, providing a solid foundation for life beyond the Appleby gates. Students learn to appreciate a wide variety of activities, and are exposed to experiences they may not have otherwise considered.

Co-curricular Selection

All students select co-curricular options at the beginning of each co-curricular season (Fall, Winter and Spring). The final deadline for changing these options is two weeks following the start of each new season. All offerings in the co-curricular program are subject to sufficient enrolment. Students will be notified by the school in the case of a choice not being offered to allow selection of another program.


The requirements for each school level are outlined in the following sections. There may be special circumstances where a student may ask for an alternative plan. Several examples follow:

Exemption forms are emailed to students the beginning of September or may be requested from the Assistant Head of School, Co-Curriculars Programs. Complete details of the alternative activity are required including hours, place and name of the external supervisor. The committee will review any requests and will respond before the start of the school year. Exemption forms are also considered two weeks before the commencement of a new term of co-curricular activities. Students should fill out the form completely and email it to the Assistant Head of School, Co-curricular Programs. Exemptions must be approved before students can stop attending their Appleby co-curricular activity.

If a student wishes to do all Athletics (competitive teams only) in Upper One to Senior Two they must meet with the Assistant Head of School, Co-curriculars Programs and if they meet the requirements they will be given special permission to not complete their two terms of arts or service.


Outstanding student achievement in the co-curricular program is recognized through special awards. Colours are awarded each reporting period to students who demonstrate outstanding performance and leadership in competitive arts or athletics. Students are nominated by their faculty supervisor and are presented with a Colours tie and permitted to wear the Colours jacket.

Service Pins are awarded to students who have shown an outstanding dedication to Appleby's Service program. Students are nominated by the Director of Service or their faculty supervisors.

The criteria for being awarded Colours are as follows: