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“Within the Middle School (Grade 7 & 8), we strive hard to create a warm, supportive, and innovative learning environment. From a wide variety of club choices, global and local community initiatives, experiential educational opportunities, to exciting learning initiatives both in and out of the classroom, students and faculty work together to support and promote a love of learning.”

Director, Middle School
Teacher, English

The Middle School Advantage


  • Small class sizes (16:1)
  • Courses taught by subject specialists
  • Extensive Guidance support programme
  • Students take half of their courses each day with their Home Form class, building a sense of spirit and camaraderie among classmates
  • A Home Form Faculty Advisor and two Senior One (Grade 11) Leaders are assigned to facilitate communication and provide support


  • Middle Two (Grade 8) includes four international languages (German, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish) in addition to the required French programme
  • Middle Two (Grade 8) Accelerated Mathematics and French programmes
  • Specialized science labs
  • Middle School students partake in Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Design Technology and Dance
  • Organized testing blocks
  • Middle Two (Grade 8) Presentations of Learning
  • Middle One (Grade 7) Wellbeing includes curriculum from Positive Education, Technological Capabilities, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Experiential trips to Quebec City in Middle One (Grade 7) and Ottawa in Middle Two (Grade 8)
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Leadership and Mentoring

  • Students are introduced to leadership through formal lessons and a variety of experiential education opportunities
  • Students participate in weekly leadership lessons facilitated by Senior One Homeform leaders
  • Students also have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a variety of clubs including Middle School Council, Model United Nations, Middle School Service Council and Young Round Square
  • Students can attend the CAIS Middle School Leadership Conference, the annual Middle School Round Square Conference and international global education trips

Middle School Presentations of Learning (POLs)

  • Middle Two (Grade 8) Presentations of Learning (POLs) take the place of traditional examinations
  • These portfolios are a culminating event celebrating academic and affective growth
  • POLs highlight meaningful learning experiences for teachers, peers, Home Form advisors, and parents across all aspects of their learning at Appleby
  • The driving question is: What should I use to show my growth as a learner throughout my Middle School years, how I have changed, and why I feel I am ready for Upper School?


national Exchange

  • Middle School students can apply to participate in an exchange for approximately two weeks with students from other Canadian schools
  • Previous students have gone to Rothesay-Netherwood School in New Brunswick, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Alberta, Glenlyon-Norfolk in British Columbia and Athenian School in California (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Exchange destinations are typically Young Round Square member schools
  • Aids in developing a sense of independence


Young Round Square

  • Appleby was the first Canadian school to join Round Square
  • Students have the opportunity to attend domestic and international conferences/exchanges and participate in International Service Projects
  • Based on the theories of experiential educational philosopher Kurt Hahn
  • Encourages personal development and responsibility in students

Outdoor Education

  • Introduces and immerses students into a total experiential learning
    environment in the Canadian wilderness and on Appleby’s Campus

  • In Middle One (Grade 7) students experience outdoor education trips to locations such as Pine Crest and Camp Kandalore

  • In the spring, Middle Two (Grade 8) students participate in an outdoor education trip to Camp Pine Crest

  • Vital life skills are developed such as self-confidence, understanding relationships, personal growth, and a dedicated responsibility toward our local and global communities


Service Learning

  • Educates students about the value of
    service in our society through experiential learning

  • Participation enhances student skills, confidence, communication abilities and commitment

  • 15 service learning co-curricular placements

  • Middle One (Grade 7) students earn 10 hours per year; Middle Two (Grade 8) students earn
    12 hours per year

  • All Upper One (Grade 9) through Senior Two (Grade 12) students are expected to earn 25 service hours per year

  • The Co-Curricular Passport provides flexibility
    to allow students to engage in community
    service and advocacy

Athletics, Arts, Service & Clubs ProgramMEs

  • Available sports include Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Cross-Country, Swimming, Squash, Rugby, Tennis, Softball, and Track & Field
  • Middle School Colours awarded for outstanding performance, commitment and leadership
  • Middle School Play and All-School Play
  • Variety of co-curriculars and clubs offered
  • Co-curriculars and clubs are manditory and integrated into the students' regular class time
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High Resolves Global Citizens & Leaders

  • Interactive workshops for students exploring global citizenship
  • Students gain fresh perspectives on active and engaged leadership
  • Students develop an understanding of differences
  • Soft skill development such as the ability to work effectively with others
  • Inspires and equips students to become active leaders in the Appleby community and beyond
  • Students become more well-rounded individuals


  • Computers are introduced to help students organize and streamline their workflow
  • Computer competency is taught throughout the school as a learning tool
  • Students have access to and regularly use the entire Microsoft Office Suite
  • Device familiarity helps students keep pace with the technological world around them

Middle School Facts




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