Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

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2024-25 Tuition Fees

The following fee schedule applies to new Appleby students. Fee schedule information for returning Appleby students can be accessed by clicking on the Fee Schedule button below.

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(1 Payment)
Tuition Refund Insurance Optional
(4 Payments)
Tuition Refund Insurance Included
(11 Payments)
Tuition Refund Insurance Included
  April 1 Tuition
Total April 1 3 payments:
Jul. 1,
Oct. 1,
Jan. 1
Total April 1 10 payments:
May 1 to
Feb. 1

Boarding Student Type

Boarders Type A* International 
(tuition + boarding)
$90,270 $1,340 $91,610
Boarders Type B*
(tuition + boarding)
$83,250 $1,270 $84,520 $34,592 $17,296 $86,480 $26,230 $6,121 $87,440
Boarders Type C*
Senior One & Senior Two (Grade 11, 12) 
(tuition + boarding)
$73,560 $1,120 $74,680 $30,616 $15,308 $76,540 $23,250 $5,426 $77,510

Day Student Type

Senior One Day
(Grade 11) (tuition only)
$54,930 $840 $55,770 $22,884 $11,442 $57,210 $17,420 $4,065 $58,070
Upper School Day
(Grade 9-10) (tuition only)
$49,900 $760 $50,660 $20,764 $10,382 $51,910 $15,790 $3,686 $52,650
Middle School Day
(Grade 7-8) (tuition only)
$45,250 $700 $45,950 $18,844 $9,422 $47,110 $14,370 $3,354 $47,910
*Definition of Boarders:
Type A
International Boarders are all boarding students who are not Canadian citizens except Type C regardless of residency.
Type B
Canadian Boarders are all boarding students who are Canadian citizens except Type C regardless of residency.
Type C
Senior One Type C Boarders are all students, regardless of citizenship, who were Day students in Upper One and Upper Two. Senior Two Type C Boarders are all students who were Day students in Senior One or who were Senior One Type C Boarders, regardless of citizenship.
  • A one-time Enrolment Fee of $6,500 is in addition to the tuition fees listed above.
  • For new students entering boarding, there will be a $1,500 orientation boarding fee.


What Your Fees Cover

Appleby College bundles its fees. Included items that are covered by tuition costs and those deemed as extras (meaning that fees for these items are separate from tuition) are outlined below.



  • Costs for required curriculum outings such as:
    • Northern Campus
    • Required academic and global experiential trips
    • Required co-curricular trips (includes any admission fees, transportation and meals)
  • Daily hot lunch
  • Compulsory standard examination fees
  • Class photos
  • Argus yearbook (print version)
  • Parents’ Association fees
  • Medical care from the Health Centre
  • Access to Athletic Therapy services for sports related injuries
  • Use of Appleby facilities and services (such as the pool, fitness room, Health Centre) during scheduled hours
  • Personalized e-mail account and network storage
  • Internet access on campus
  • Latest software and courseware (i.e. Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Arcview GIS, etc.) with upgrades as needed
  • Rental fee for computer with warranty and accident protection
  • Access to network printers and photocopiers for school work
  • On-site help desk, servicing and notebook replacement loan program
  • Digital still and video camera loan program
  • Computer rollout session (received in the student’s first year at Appleby)


  • School uniform
  • Physical education uniform (shorts and t-shirts)
  • Tracksuit (for athletics team play)
  • Athletics team related apparel deemed non-reusable (i.e. socks)
  • Textbooks (including e-texts) and course materials
  • Clothing for Northern Campus as required
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award registration
  • Computer damage repair fee
  • Lost or stolen computer fee
  • Replacement equipment (i.e. ACadapter, Stylus)
  • Short-term boarding for Day Students (if available)

Plus optional items (or items on an as-needed basis):

  • Sheet music and instrument rental
  • College Shop purchases
  • Charges associated with optional trips
  • Diploma of European Proficiency
  • Participation in Exchange program
  • Personal discretionary charges (e.g. long distance calls, taxis, laundry)
  • School bus service
  • Private lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Health insurance (for all students who do not have Canadian provincial coverage)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) examination fees
  • Prescriptions


Included - All Student fees plus:

  • Room and board, seven days a week during school term
  • Boarding Life Weekend Program
  • 24-hour medical care from the Health Centre

Extra - All Student extra fees plus:

Plus optional items on an as-needed basis

  • Homestay services and Guardianship programme offered through International Student Guardianship Canada
  • Personal discretionary charges (e.g. long-distance calls, taxis, laundry, etc.)
  • Graduation portrait sitting fees for Senior Two students
  • Long Weekend on-campus programme


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