Appleby College Strategic Initiatives

Appleby College Strategic Initiatives

Cockwell Hall

Thanks to a transformational gift from The Cockwell Family we look forward to a new addition to campus to meet the expanding academic, co-curricular, and boarding life requirements of our students – Cockwell Hall!

While we are in the preliminary stages of design, the new state-of-the-art building will significantly add to and upgrade our classrooms, with many to include adaptive classroom spaces which will allow students to explore, discover, invent, and innovate with leading edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the addition of new classrooms, we also look forward to removing the portables currently situated on East Field. In addition, Cockwell Hall will also include new boarding rooms connected to Walker House to accommodate Appleby’s growing Boarding Life programme.

We believe this impactful and innovative addition to campus will be transformational, in the same way the Memorial Classroom Building and the A.W.B. Alumni Centre for Athletics and Student Life have transformed the educational experience, making Appleby the school it is today.

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Financial Assistance 

Students deserve every opportunity to pursue an education that excites and challenges them and Appleby College's commitment to Financial Assistance is designed to ensure that students can pursue such an outstanding education. An Appleby education requires a significant commitment, and we believe financial need should never prevent a student from reaching their full potential.

A world-class education not only requires exceptional faculty, programmes, and facilities, but it also demands a diverse socioeconomic student body. Having a talented range of students, regardless of their backgrounds, is one of the central hallmarks of great schools and it's a vital part of the Appleby College experience.

All Financial Assistance decisions at Appleby are need-based and are designed to assist families who believe in an Appleby education but are unable to meet the full financial commitments.

$38M has been provided over the past decade

20% families receive financial assistance annually

154 students received financial assistance in 2022-23

90% of financial assistance is provided in the form of bursaries

523% increase in bursary assistance since 2002

More than 40 Centennial Scholars supported in the past decade.



It is our goal that every student graduates with a deep sense of themselves, of mental health literacy and how to use wellbeing strategies to navigate and manage the demands of a complex world. This includes elements such as investing in increased academic learning support and mental health services for our students; elevate investment in faculty training and expertise; give every student access to rich self-knowledge tools and assessments; provide education and support to parents on student learning needs, Positive Psychology and mental health; and provide outreach to alumni around supporting them on their life journeys.

With a bold vision for wellbeing in education, we look to becoming a Centre of Excellence that builds and shares wellbeing knowledge and practices with the educational sector and wider society.

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Diplomas of Distinction

Every student that walks through Appleby’s doors brings unique strengths and we should celebrate the diversified passions of our students.

Based on the success of the Global Leadership and AP Capstone diploma programmes, we are excited to announce the piloting of three new Appleby College diplomas of distinction: Business Leadership; STEM Leadership; and Creative Arts Leadership.

Similar to Appleby’s Global Leadership Diploma, Appleby’s new diplomas of distinction provide students the opportunity to dive deep in areas of study that they are passionate about, providing students with the opportunity to take active ownership of their learning and prepare our graduates for the next stage of their journey.

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Should you wish to make an online donation in support of the Appleby Fund, please click here  . A charitable tax-receipt will be sent to the email address you provide for all gifts of $20 or greater.

Alternatively, if you wish to donate through the mail, please send a cheque (payable to Appleby College) to the attention of the Advancement Department.