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Financial Assistance

At Appleby College, we believe students deserve every opportunity to pursue an education that excites and challenges them, an education that offers them the chance to discover and embrace their passions. Appleby's commitment to Financial Assistance is designed to ensure that students can pursue such an outstanding education. An Appleby education requires a significant commitment and we believe financial need should never prevent a student from reaching their full potential.

Quick Facts
  • Financial assistance at Appleby College is 100% need based
  • Close to $25 million in financial assistance has been provided over the past decade
  • Approximately 18% of Appleby College families receive financial assistance annually
  • Over 90% of financial assistance is provided in the form of bursaries
  • Students applying for financial assistance are strongly encouraged to submit their application in concurrence with their admissions application as it can take four to six weeks for Apple Financial Services to process


Financial Assistance Distribution 2018-2019

Information outlined below includes families with multiple children attending Appleby College.

Household Income 0-$5K $5K-$15K $15K-25K $25K-$35K $35K+ Grand Total
0-$50K 1 0 1 3 26 31
$50K-$100K 0 7 0 4 6 17
$100K-$150K 0 7 5 10 12 34
$150K-$200K 2 8 4 5 5 24
$200K-$250K 4 2 1 0 2 9
$250K+ 2 3 10 5 2 22
Grand Total 9 27 21 27 53 137

*Family income, family assets, such as home equity, savings accounts, stocks, etc.; indebtedness; the number of children in a tuition-charging institution; age of parents, with consideration given for nearness to retirement age; and unusual family or medical expenses are some of the factors considered in awarding aid.

How to Apply

All financial assistance decisions at Appleby are need based and are designed to assist families who believe in an Appleby education but are unable to meet the full financial commitments. All applications are reviewed by an independent financial services firm, Apple Financial Services (, who will provide Appleby with a confidential analysis of a family's financial ability to contribute towards their child's education. The financial assistance application fee is $115 (includes HST). To download the financial assistance application forms, please visit

Application Due Dates
  Application & Financial
Assistance Deadline
Round 1 October 31, 2019 December 13, 2019
Round 2 December 13, 2019 January 31, 2020
Round 3 February 14, 2020 onward Rolling

Financial Assistance Due Date For Returning Students

December 13, 2019



How is a financial assistance package determined?

It is based on a family's financial ability to contribute to their child's education as determined by the analysis conducted by Apple Financial Services.

Is financial assistance available to Middle School students?

Yes, financial assistance is available for Middle School students.

Is financial assistance available to international boarding students?

Yes, financial assistance is available to international boarding students but only in the most compelling circumstances.

Do I need to have exceptional talents to be eligible for financial assistance?

No, Appleby College is committed to enrolling outstanding students who will make a contribution to the school regardless of whether or not a student has an exceptional talent.

If we receive financial assistance in our child's first year, will we receive financial assistance in subsequent years?

Yes, however you will need to re-apply every year and your award will be adjusted based on changes in your family's financial situation and will also take into account the additional commitment for boarding in Senior Two (Grade 12).

What is the deadline to apply for financial assistance?

The financial assistance application deadlines follow the admissions deadlines. To be considered, we recommend that you submit your financial assistance application application at the same time as you submit your Appleby College application.

What is the financial assistance for returning students?

The financial assistance application deadline for returning students is December 13, 2019.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a grant which does not require repayment. Over 90% of Appleby’s financial assistance is provided through bursaries. The remainder are loans or scholarships.

How long will it take for my financial assistance application to be processed?

You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible as it can take four to six weeks for Apple Financial Services to process your application. At this point Appleby will be able to review and decisions will be sent out.


Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship

The Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship Programme awards up to ten one-time $10,000 scholarships to incoming students who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. The scholarship award is applied against tuition fees, and all scholarship recipients will also be eligible to apply for Appleby’s $4.0 million dollar Financial Assistance Programme.

“With the Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship Programme, we are reinforcing our commitment to supporting exceptionally talented and motivated students who are on the path of becoming tomorrow’s leaders,” said Innes van Nostrand, Principal. “As one of Canada’s most eminent businessmen of his time, Sir Edmund Walker’s vision for Appleby College was to produce potential leaders for the nation, who aspired for more than money, and who understood the importance of the world beyond Canada. This vision lives on today.”

Students interested in applying for the 2020-21 Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship Programme must meet the following requirements:

  • Have achieved high academic standing having participated in a rigorous academic programme in their previous two years of schooling. In most cases students should have an overall average in excess of 85% or letter grade of A- or higher.
  • Have been an active participant in athletic, arts and/or community involvement either within their school community or externally.
  • Have demonstrated leadership within their current school community and their non-school endeavours.
  • Have a proven commitment to giving back to others through service within their local community, and is able to submit a minimum of one non-academic letter of reference.
  • Have submitted a written reflective piece on “How they can make a difference in the lives of others".

Recipients will be eligible to apply for other merit scholarships. However, if they are awarded a scholarship of lesser, equal or greater monetary value they will need to forgo the monetary award of either the Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship or the other scholarship.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than 12:00 p.m. Friday, December 13, 2019 to:

Appleby College, Admissions Office
540 Lakeshore Road West
Oakville, Ontario L6K 3P1

(To ensure the Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship Application Form pdf displays and saves properly, it is highly recommended that you save it to your desktop before editing.)

For additional information on the Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship, please contact Luke Seamone, Director, Admissions at (905) 845-4681 ext. 122 or by email.

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