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“'The Appleby Arts Programme at Appleby College offers students opportunities to stretch their creativity while showcasing and developing their talents. Our dynamic programming provides academic instruction in Dance, Drama, Media, Music (Instrumental, Jazz, Strings, and Vocal), and Visual Arts as well as a multitude of co-curricular and club options. Through the Arts, we become better listeners, collaborators, and leaders as we learn more about ourselves, others, and the world around us.”

Sara Joy
Director, Arts
Teacher, Music

Arts Programs

For more detailed information on specific Arts programmes, please click here to visit the Course Calendar.

For additional Arts offerings, please visit the Clubs and Academic pages for Middle School, Upper School and Senior School.

The Enrichment of Appleby Arts

Creating the Whole Student

  • Music and Visual Arts are required courses in Middle School, and students choose one credit in Music, Visual Arts, or Drama in Upper One (Grade 9)
  • University-level AP courses are available in music and visual arts
  • Students gain real-life experience through performances at venues such as Roy Thomson Hall, the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, and the Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Commitment to Excellence

  • Three drawing, painting and mixed media studios for the exploration of a wide variety of art mediums
  • Two digital design studios offer a creative outlet for students wishing to explore visual communication outside of the realm of the traditional arts
  • Four music rooms and seven practice rooms
  • Dance studio with mirrored walls, stationary and portable barres and sprung floor
  • Willis Hall is an intimate recital hall with theatre-style seating
  • Dedicated arts displays to showcase student work

Co-curricular Passport

  • Provides Upper and Senior School students increased flexibility in selecting of their co-curricular options, while maintaining our commitment to physical wellbeing
  • Allows students greater opportunity to pursue areas of individual interest whether in Athletics, Arts or Service, while supporting the development of the whole student through exposure to different pursuits and activities
  • All students in Upper One through Senior Two will be required to take one term of athletics each year for a total of four athletics over four years, and two credits in Arts and/or Service before their Senior Two year
  • Senior One students will also be required to complete 2 terms of co-curriculars to support their enriched programming elements in other areas of the school
  • Middle School students will continue to participate in three terms of sports
  • Click here to view a chart of Appleby College Diploma Requirements


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