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“Throughout all grade levels, students at Appleby College engage in a wide range of Global and Experiential Education with a focus on developing global competencies. This is integrated within classroom curricula, out-of-class academic experiences, outdoor education trips, local and international service learning, and residential and global intercultural learning. Students particularly engaged in this area may complete the Appleby College Diploma with Distinction in Global Leadership, an action-oriented programme for developing global citizenship.”

Assistant Head of School, Global Education and Experiential Education

The Significance of Experiential Education

Appleby College Diploma with Distinction in Global Leadership

  • Completion of the Global Leadership Interdisciplinary Studies course in Senior Two (Grade 12) 
  • Prolonged study of International language (that is not your first language) (4U / DU Level) 
  • Cross-curricular Global Scholars Assignments in English and two other Grade 12 courses
  • Global Experiential Trip with Social Science Co-op credit in Senior One (Grade 11) combining study of the local environment and culture in an International intercultural immersion program
  • Involvement in a minimum of two Global Education designated Clubs/ Co-curriculars
  • Completion of the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award 
  • Development of a Global Action Plan addressing a global issue for further exploration beyond graduation

Global Experiential Trips

  • Experiential opportunity to enhance global learning, service leadership, teamwork and understanding in intercultural environments
  • Cultural immersion program allowing students to broaden their perspectives outside their own culture and enhance their self-awareness
  • Unique hands-on learning and cultural explorations are equally important
  • Students engage with multiple aspects and influences of culture, including language, religion, the arts, history, geography and globalization
  • Trips typically include involvement in social, environmental and community development, combined with examination of the local host culture and geography
  • Allows students to bring meaningful intercultural experiences to the classroom
  • Inspires students to be empathetic leaders in creating a future where active citizenship can impact the world
  • Essential component of the Appleby College Diploma and Appleby College Diploma with Distinction in Global Leadership
  • Click here to view 2022-23 Global Experiential Learning Dates

International Exchange

  • Provides new perspectives and helps students gain a greater insight into the world and develop their intercultural capacities and adaptability
  • Exchanges ranging from three weeks to an entire school reporting period in a diverse range of countries including Germany, Spain, Peru, Oman, Switzerland, France, Australia, South Africa, Thailand and India
  • Language-based exchanges strengthen oral and comprehension skills of the language
  • Adventure-based exchanges allow the student to develop their sense of independence

Round Square

  • Students have the opportunity to attend international conferences/exchanges and participate in International Service Projects
  • Based on the theories of experiential educational philosopher Kurt Hahn
  • Encourages personal development and responsibility in students
  • The Round Square King Constantine Medal is awarded to a graduating student in recognition of their outstanding commitment to global leadership and community engagement
  • Click here to view 2022-23 Round Square dates

Global Experience Facts


countries visited in the past 5 years


global leadership diploma recipients in the past 5 years


students and faculty on trips in 2021-22


students at conferences or global exchanges in the past 5 years


years of the Global Leadership Diploma


typical student-to-faculty ratio on trips

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