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Service Learning is an integral part of each student's experience at Appleby College that fosters an appreciation of the needs of others as well as opportunities to think critically about the underlying social justice issues affecting communities. This provides students with the skills to take positive action for change as well as reflect on how their experiences have impacted both themselves and others. Service Learning encourages leadership skill development and builds character.”

Bonnie Woolfenden
Director, Service Learning
Teacher, Science

Service Learning Co-Curriculars

For more detailed information on specific Service programmes, please click here to visit the Course Calendar.

The Importance of Service Learning

Service Learning

  • Educates students about the value of service in our society through experiential learning
  • Participation enhances student skills, confidence, communication abilities and commitment
  • 12 service learning co-curricular placements
  • Middle One (Grade 7) students earn 10 hours per year; Middle Two (Grade 8) students earn 10 hours per year
  • All Upper One (Grade 9) through Senior Two (Grade 12) students are expected to earn 20 service hours each year
  • The Co-Curricular Passport provides flexibility to allow students to engage in community service and advocacy

Community Outreach Days

  • For one school day in the year, each grade band participates in a community outreach day

  • Partnerships with a wide variety of community agencies provide an opportunity for every student to work along side their peers in the same grade to learn about a local not-for-profit group and make a difference in the local community

  • Creates awareness of the needs in surrounding neighbourhoods, builds empathy for those in diverse and different circumstances, students feel empowered and proud of their positive impacts

Appleby College Walkathon

  • Brings the Appleby community together in a much beloved school tradition
  • Appleby's first school Walkathon occurred in 1969 and raised $2,800
  • Over the 48 years of the Appleby Walkathon, the school community has raised over $1 million
  • Funds raised go to various local, national and international charities (including the United Way)
  • Participation fosters an appreciation for the needs of others and of different socio-economic challenges affecting communities
  • Encourages leadership development and character building

A History of Service Learning

  • Community Service programme was introduced in 1974
  • Over 48 years of the Appleby Walkathon, the school community  has raised over $1 million
  • Cayley awards given on Closing Day honouring Arts, Athletics and Activities in 1988; in 2000 the Cayley awards were expanded to include Service as a separate award category
  • Service Learning became a requirement of the co-curricular programme in 1998

Service Learning Facts


kids provided PD daycare through Camp Vista


service co-curricular placements


community advocacy clubs


average service hours earned per year


community partners


raised for the United Way over the past 5 years

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