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Leadership at Appleby is woven through our pillars and programming. Myriad leadership opportunities exist, all carefully curated to age and stage; each begins with self-awareness and skill development and prioritizes inclusive, positive relationships. Leadership is innovative, action-based, and aspirational. We empower students to discover their purpose, serve their communities with integrity and courage, and empathetically and confidently shape their worlds.”

Claire Kelly
Assistant Head of School, student Life

Leaders of Character

The Appleby leadership Pathway

  • Middle School: CAIS Leadership Conference, Leadership Clubs, Middle School Leadership Workshop, weekly lessons in homeform, Co-curriculars

  • Upper School: Service Day leadership roles, Upper School Leadership Workshop, Student Ambassadors, Appleby Hound Editor, Leadership Clubs, Co-curriculars

  • Senior School: SPEAK leaders, Senior One
    (Grade 11) Homeform Leaders, Peer Counsellors, CAIS Leadership Conference, Thrive Workshop, Round Square Conferences and Exchanges, over 125 formal leadership roles including Prefect, House Council, Chapel Wardens, Argus Editors, Co-curriculars, Leadership Clubs, Grad Class, DEI Council Co-Heads


Leadership Development Tools

  • A variety of industry recognized self-assessment, awareness and relationship development tools are used throughout the student leadership programme
link to the leadership challenge




Every student has the potential to lead. Grounded in over 30 years of research, the Student Leadership Challenge (SLC) inspires, encourages, and develops our students’ leadership abilities. Using the SLC’s 5 practices for exemplary leadership we teach our students some of the core competencies of leadership. Click here to learn more.

link to the via institute on character




Everyone possesses all 24 character strengths in different degrees, so each person has a truly unique character profile. Each character strength falls under one of these six broad virtue categories, which are universal across cultures and nations: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. The number of potential character strength profiles is exponentially greater than the number of people living on our planet. Click here to learn more.

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Great leaders interact with intention by developing self-awareness and demonstrating emotional intelligence in constantly changing, complex environments. Birkman provides an unmatched assessment portfolio with in-depth reports for leaders to gain actionable insight into their motivators, behaviours, and blind spots. Students identify the gaps between how they’re perceived and what they need to increase their effectiveness as a leader. Click here to learn more.

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Bringing out the best in others requires the ability to appreciate diverse perspectives and personalities while communicating in a way that both respects and is tailored to these differences. Core Strengths unique approach helps leaders create greater self and team Relationship Intelligence so they can recast the past, master the moment, and co-create the future. Click here to learn more.




Academic leadership Courses

  • Leadership theory and skills are taught in various academic courses where students have the opportunity to learn about the theory and develop leadership skills through application in experiential education settings both on campus and at the S. Bruce McLaughlin Northern Campus in Temagami
    • BOH4M - Business Leadership
    • PLF4MN - Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership
    • PLF4MR - Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership

Appleby College Diploma with distinction in Global Leadership

  • Step outside of comfort zone and practice leadership in the international community with hands-on, practical experiential global measured outcomes

  • Students have the opportunity in the Senior Two year to apply their leadership skills at an international level

  • Experiential learning allows for authentic opportunities to develop leadership and prepare students to be a voice for positive change locally and internationally

Dawson Meloche '21

"Being a leader at Appleby College can be difficult, try to narrow it down and make it easier on yourself and the others around you. Focus on the little things, people appreciate small gestures that come from a leader who cares. Talk to people, build those relationships, listen, and be that support. This was something that allowed for me to be authentic in my role and make those important connections!"


Mya Haines '22

"In my time at Appleby College, I learned that a title is not necessary to be a leader and to have a positive impact on the community. Regardless of whether you are a Prefect or a new student in Middle One, there are always chances for every student to get involved in Student Leadership. I encourage every student to go for each opportunity you have available to you – don’t be afraid to sign up for formal roles or commit small acts of kindness to leave your mark!"


Madhav Satija '23

"Appleby is a wonderful environment to grow in as a leader and person. We are lucky to have an abundance of opportunities to be involved in our community, offer our support, and share our voices. Through these opportunities, I have been able to explore topics that I am passionate about alongside inspiring individuals and learn how to better support those around me. It’s exciting and fulfilling to pursue your ideas for improving the world around you, and at Appleby, we are supported in doing so."

Co-curricular and Clubs Programme

  • Leadership development skills are intentionally taught in the co-curricular and club programme
  • Students learn educational theory and have the opportunity to the apply the theory through their clubs and co-curricular involvement
  • Leadership clubs - there are over 15 different councils and clubs specifically designed to develop leadership skills in students
  • Positional leaders - there are over 200 positional leadership roles in both Upper School and Senior School co-curriculars

Colours Awarded and Leadership

  • Student leadership development is supported through the co-curricular programme
  • Colours are awarded each reporting period to students who demonstrate outstanding performance and leadership in competitive athletics, arts or service
  • Students are nominated by their faculty supervisor and are presented with a Colours tie and permitted to wear the Colours jacket


Criteria for being awarded Colours are as follows:

  • Arts Colours: Colours winners model commitment, positive and enthusiasm for the activity as well as demonstrate outstanding performance skills. Students winning colours in the arts exhibit proactive initiative as well as leadership and collaboration abilities and they motivate and inspire those around them
  • Athletics Colours: Athletes recognized as colours winners demonstrated initiative and support their teammates' efforts. Colours recipients have been positive role models in their team and motivate others to perform to the best of their ability. These students are outstanding ambassadors for their team and Appleby athletics as a whole
  • Service Colours: Students awarded colours in Service Learning demonstrate a deep understanding of the needs of the community and form a genuine bond with community partners. They have impeccable attendance records and demonstrate leadership skills through the encouragement of peers, positive role modelling and demonstrate initiatives that add value to the overall programme. These students are reliable, committed and approachable

Student Leadership Facts


Global Action Plans created in the past 5 years


Prefect roles


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