Board of Governors

Appleby College Board of Governors

Chair of the Board

Aubrey Baillie '63

Vice Chair of the Board

Joanne McLaughlin
Vice Chair of the Board Gord McMillan

Chair, Finance Committee

Vik Sachdev

Chair, Governance Committee

Allison Christilaw

Chair, Advancement Committee

Geoff Spidle '87

Chair, Property Committee

Joanne McLaughlin
Chair, Risk Committee

William (Bill) Benson '79

Board Member Wayne Carson
Board Member Andrew Cockwell '93
Board Member Lisa Forwell
Board Member

Mark Gaskin '78

Board Member

Chris Govan

Board Member

Jacqueline Jabbour

Board Member

Janice Madon

Board Member Jane Ngobia
Chair, Appleby College Foundation (Ex-Officio) John Platt ’78
President, Alumni Association (Ex-Officio) Jas Brar '98
President, Parents' Association (Ex-Officio) Sarah McMillan
Principal (Ex-Officio)

Innes van Nostrand

A Closer Look: Structure, Finance & Growth (2017-18)

A Closer Look: Structure, Finance & Growth (2016)

A Closer Look: Structure, Finance & Growth (2015)

A Closer Look: Structure, Finance & Growth (2014)


Appleby College is one of Canada’s leading independent schools for more than 760 young men and women in Grades 7 to 12. Recognized by its peers for its innovative academic programme and commitment to student excellence, Appleby continues to embrace the vision of its co-founder and patron Sir Edmund Walker, “to produce among its youngsters, potential leaders for the nation and the world.” Founded in 1911, Appleby has evolved into a global leader providing girls and boys from Canada and 47 other countries the opportunity to gain insights and understanding of each other and their world.

The Appleby College Board of Governors is composed of parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends of the school. The College Board is the ultimate decision-making body for the school. This critical governance group is always looking to deepen the pool of prospective candidates who could contribute to their work in the years ahead.

Members of the Appleby community who have suggestions for candidates or who themselves may be interested in serving are encouraged to submit expressions of interest for consideration by the respective Governance and Nominating Committees. Please email

For questions of other matters to the board, please contact Innes van Nostrand, Principal, Appleby College at 905-845-4681 ext. 224 or by email.

For information or questions regarding Appleby College's financial statements, please contact Jewell Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer, administration at 905-845-4681 ext. 213 or by email.

The Appleby College Foundation

Appleby College Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board

John Platt '78

Chair, Appleby College Board (Ex-Officio)

Aubrey Baillie '63

President, Alumni Association (Ex-Officio) Jas Brar '98
Board Member Eugene Cook '03
Board Member

Michael DesRoches ‘62

Board Member

Bonnie Flemington

Board Member

Lyndon Fournier ‘78

Board Member

Tom Green ‘77

Board Member

Charles Kucey

Board Member (Ex-Officio) Sarah McMillan
Board Member

Suzana Popovic-Montag

Board Member

David Schroeder

Board Member

John See

Board Member

Geoff Spidle ‘87

Board Member

Vince Valentini '88

Principal (Ex-Officio) Innes van Nostrand
The Applebly College Foundation is a registered charity, governed by its own board of trustees, to which our endowed funds are entrusted to be invested appropriately and disbursed to the school for very specific purposes.
The Appleby College Foundation’s endowment provides income that is primarily directed to need-based student assistance. Our commitment to offering students an outstanding education is well secured; however excellence comes with a price. Appleby tuition fees are not insignificant. These fees are an investment in students and are reflected in the programmes and opportunities offered at Appleby College. An Appleby College Education would be out of reach for many were it not for the assistance provided by The Appleby College Foundation. Appleby College is committed to attracting exceptional students first and foremost. The opportunities that The Foundation provides will continue to make an exceptional education possible for many.

For more information about the Appleby College Foundation please email

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