Our Mission & Vision, Curriculum Principles and Pillars of Strength are woven into every aspect of life at Appleby College and serve as the foundation for continuous growth and advancement.




To educate and enable our students to become leaders of character, major contributors to, and valued representatives of their local, national and international communities.


To develop intellectual curiosity, instil a love of learning and promote personal excellence in all areas of endeavour. To provide access to outstanding experiences, facilities, faculty and staff. To be an internationally recognized model of educational excellence and innovation.


Appleby College offers a distinguished curriculum. A diverse range of required components provides students with stimulating challenges and the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and values. The achievement: preparation for university and life. The defining characteristic of an Appleby education is the mandatory participation in each of its core curricular components, leading to an Appleby Diploma upon graduation.

Appleby College develops students of personal integrity, who are prepared for university, societal change, responsible involvement and leadership in their local, national and global communities.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • critical-thinking skills
  • individual potential
  • self-discipline, respect, responsibility and commitment
  • spiritual and moral development
  • democratic principles
  • personal fitness and health
  • environmental awareness and stewardship
  • the role of gender, ethnicity, race and culture in building rich, diverse communities
  • student-centred experiences which create leadership opportunities




Appleby College's program is an integrated liberal arts education comprising the humanities, natural and social sciences, the arts and information technologies. Appleby's six Pillars of Strength reflect its core attributes.

Academically Vital - Pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence in a challenging and supportive environment, Appleby College lays the foundation for university achievement and a lifetime of accomplishment.

Technologically Empowered - Integrating the most advanced technology into all facets of teaching and learning, Appleby College equips students to shape a continually evolving information and communication landscape.

Universally Diverse - Bringing the world to our school and our school to the world, Appleby College prepares students to respect differences and thrive in an intercultural world.

Community Spirited - Gathering students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff on a spectacular 60-acre lakeside campus, Appleby College builds one great community connected for life.

Actively Engaged - Educating mind, body and spirit through extensive arts, athletic and community service programming, Appleby College promotes comprehensive personal development.

Globally Responsible - Creating valuable opportunities for serving people and the planet, Appleby College inspires a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility, global understanding and environmental stewardship.


The Safety & Wellbeing of Our Students

All schools have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of students. At Appleby College we take this responsibility very seriously. 

We ensure our practices and policies reflect the relevant legislative requirements, including those set out in the Child and Family Services Act. We believe in cultivating a safe school environment for every child.  The following policies help support our work in creating a safe, positive school community.

Policies and procedures

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