What are your dreams? Where will you be in 20 years? How will you measure success? These are the questions that fascinate us, that focus us, and that drive us to ensure that the Appleby College education speaks directly to our mission: enabling young men and women to become leaders of character - major contributors to their local, national and international communities.

As a parent, there is nothing I want more than for my children to live lives of purpose, to recognize and reach their potential. Just as it is for my own children, the formula for how you unlock the potential of every young man and woman is its own unique blend of support, motivation, challenge and connection. At Appleby, we believe this includes a broad range of opportunities and engaging experiences that blend academic excellence, athletic achievement and creative expression, with leadership opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Just as important, we ask our students to explore the meaning of character, of spirituality, and notions of citizenship, both in Canada and internationally. We believe that this is an essential foundation for a successful and rewarding life. An Appleby education serves both today and tomorrow.

As a newcomer to Appleby I was initially struck by the beauty of the campuses in Oakville and Temagami. As I have gotten to know the school better, I have come to appreciate what is even more important and impressive about Appleby, and that is the sense of community - a hallmark of which is the unique day/boarding blend. I am impressed by the contagious enthusiasm with which recent graduates and their families talk about their time at Appleby, how well prepared they were for university, and how they have a family of Appleby brothers and sisters that will always be a part of their lives. Most of all, they describe how their Appleby College experience has inspired them to pursue their own dreams and to live lives with meaning and purpose.


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