2019-2020 Volunteer Opportunities

We appreciate that volunteer opportunities require many different forms of commitment. Some require availability at the school or by phone/e-mail during the school day, while others can be done during the evening or on weekends. To identify the type of commitment required, we have developed a series of icons to help you easily find the opportunities that would best suit your availability and commitment.

Evening or weekend volunteer opportunity, suitable for working volunteers

Suitable for volunteers living overseas or far from the Oakville campus

On-campus meetings, or meetings at another volunteer’s home required

Computer and access to e-mail is required

Daytime volunteer opportunity

Areas of highest need:

  • Walkathon
  • College Shop
  • Employee Appreciation Luncheon
  • Open Houses
  • Tree Trimming
  • General Volunteer Pool

General Volunteer Pool

Volunteer opportunities arise for many reasons. If you would like to be put in our general volunteer pool to receive emails when such opportunities come available, we’d love to keep you apprised.

Time required: Varied

Skill required: a general willingness to help out

Contact: Lisa Sebastian, ACPA Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Positions

Academic Programs

Judging – January, February, April, June. 
  • Middle School: Middle School students practice the art of memorization and delivery to an audience, helping to develop their self-confidence and passion for what they’ve learned. The Grade 7 Poetry Competition is in December and the Grade 8 Interpretive Reading is in late November.
  • Debating: Debating judges can see the inside world of the debating program. Senior One students learn to articulate their viewpoint and argue logically using evidence (January).
  • Science Fair: No science background is required as Middle School students need to develop the skills of explaining scientific inquiry and the process they use in creating their project (February).
  • Public Speaking and Debating: Upper School students hone their public speaking skills as part of the English curriculum. Judges act as an unbiased, external audience (U1 and U2 February, S2 May).
  • After Dinner Speaking: The Senior Two competition sees the winners of each course section deliver a memorable, entertaining speech to a fictitious audience (May).

Time required: Half-day, either morning, afternoon or evening.

Skills required: Training for all judges is provided.

Contact: Andrew Bryce, Department Head, English, 905-845-4681, ext. 319 abryce@appleby.on.ca and Danielle Kindree, Department Head, Science and Technology, 905-845-4681, ext. 305 DKindree@appleby.on.ca

Admissions Office

Open Houses- October, November and February

Open House is a key event in the annual student recruitment cycle. As first impressions are of paramount importance, having parents in the library to greet families and share their Appleby experience is a huge help for the Admissions team. We can never have too many enthusiastic parents at Open House – there are always plenty of families who need your guidance and experience.

Time required: Two hours (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and/or 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.) on Saturdays: October 19, October 26, November 16 and February 8.

Skills required: Enthusiasm and passion for Appleby!

Contact: Sheila Shen, shenyang011@yahoo.com, Helen Qu,quyonghong0511@icloud.com and Coco Zhang, zhangerin@gmail.com, ACPA Open House Coordinators

Admissions Receptions

The Admissions Office travels around the world (including East Asia, South East Asia, Europe, West Africa, Latin America and more) and throughout Canada to find the best students and families for Appleby. One of the easiest ways to find these families is for current or past Appleby families to host a reception in their home, club or other venue. We are happy to send a representative from Admissions to attend these events. Also, Appleby occasionally attends recruitment fairs around the world. Having a parent attend these fairs along with the Admissions team is a huge advantage for us, as you can share your Appleby experience with prospective families.

Time required: A week or two of planning then attendance at one event (usually no more than three hours).

Skill required: Welcoming host, enthusiasm and passion for Appleby, available to travel abroad.

Contact: Luke Seamone, Executive Director, Admissions, 905-845-4681, ext. 122, lseamone@appleby.on.ca

Host Family/Billeting of Distant Boarding students–Long weekends

An essential role for parents who wish to help our community is to provide boarding students a home away from home. Appleby guarantees that all distant boarding students will have an Appleby family as their local host family. In a school with students hailing from around the world, providing an occasional home is the greatest gift you can give. Generally, students will stay with you over the four-day long weekends and as they return home for the December and March breaks. There is a huge return on your investment, as your entire family makes a significant international connection through the host family experience. For practical reasons, we expect host families to live within 90 minutes of the school.

Time required: Appleby’s long weekends.

Skills required: Welcoming families willing to pick up and host a terrific Appleby student.

Contact: New Contact TBD

Host Family/Billeting of Student Exchange Students

Host families are at times needed for regular and long weekends, and occasionally for short exchange periods of up to two weeks throughout the year to host an international exchange student who is staying in residence or on exchange for a very short stay. This is a great opportunity for international students to enjoy a home-cooked meal and to experience the local culture first-hand.

Time required: From one weekend to two weeks.

Skills required: Warm and inviting host who is willing to share family time and traditions with students from another school, culture and country. You would provide meals, transportation, a bed and act as a local guide.

Contact: Matt Rudisi, Director, Global Partnerships, 905-845-4681, ext. 352 rsrep@appleby.on.ca


College Shop/ Tuck Shop/ Turnover Shop/ Lost and Found

The College Shop, located in the McCraney Barn sells all approved gym wear, house gear, school supplies and gift items. The Tuck Shop is very popular with students and sells treats and drinks. The Turnover Shop accepts and sells gently used uniform items such as blazers, kilts, pants and shirts, as well as used athletic uniforms. The Lost and Found is located next to the College Shop. If the owner of a found item is identified, the student will be notified via email. All other items are held until the end of each term then donated to charity.

Time required: Various two or three hour shifts available between 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Skills required: No experience required just commitment.

Contact: Mary Rawlinson, maryanderic@rogers.com, ACPA College Shop Coordinator

Social Events

ACPA social events include the Welcome Back Barbecue (September), Tree Trimming Party (November), a Social Night (winter) and the All-School Play Reception (February). Events for the year will be announced in Appleby This Week.

Time required: Depends on the position. Big or small there is a job for you.

Skills required: No specific skill required. Emphasis is on getting to know new friends and re-acquainting with old friends!

Contact: Kelly Mehlenbacher, kellymehlenbacher@hotmail.com, Sepideh Faridrad, sepidehfaridrad@yahoo.ca and Edyta Wojdalowicz, edyta1313@yahoo.ca, ACPA Social Coordinators

Homecoming Day – September 28

Volunteers are needed to help decorate the school for Homecoming events and help the ACPA with the Spirit Tent at the Homecoming BBQ.

Time required: A few hours the week prior and/or on the day of the event (Oct).

Skills required: No specific skill, just a willingness to have fun!

Contact: Sisi Tesser, sisitesser@rogers.com and Cindy Tu, cindy.tcx@gmail.com, Athletic Spirit Representatives


Assist the ACPA photographer in taking photos at larger school events.

Time required: A few hours at school events, as available: Welcome Back BBQ (Sept), Homecoming (Sept) and Tree Trimming (Nov).

Skills required: Digital photography.

Contact: Claudia Eichhorn, eichhorns@sympatico.ca, Cindy Liu, xinliu2@aol.com and Melody Zhu, 11115747@qq.com, ACPA Photographers

Chapel Guild

The Chapel Guild works to beautify the John Bell Chapel for the daily services and for special occasions such as the annual carol services and graduation. This is a great place for new parents and alumni to get involved.

Time required: One hour per month from 8-9 am. Special occasions as available (approx. 3 hours).

Skills required: No previous decoration experience required. Learn on the job.

Contact: Donna Cappuccitti, dcappwilson@yahoo.com and Isabelle Huang, babyh66@gmail.com

Individual and Grade Photos - October

Individual portraits and grade group photography occurs in October. Adult volunteers are needed to help organize students and ensure they are in first dress.

Time required: 1 or 2 hour shifts.

Skills required: No specific skills required.

Contact: Cheryl Smith, cherylls@me.com, Interguild Rep

Athletics Spirit

Foster Appleby’s Athletic Spirit as we support and cheer for our varsity teams during home games, matches and tournaments. Volunteers are needed to help organize refreshments and spirit gear for our teams, parent and spectators at various games throughout the year.

Time required: 1-2 hours. Mostly during the day, with the occasional weekend.

Skills required: Organization and a friendly face.

Contact: Sisi Tesser, sisitesser@rogers.com and Cindy Tu, cindy.tcx@gmail.com, Athletic Spirit Representatives

Boarder Study Break

Give some homemade TLC to Appleby Boarders. Make some homemade snacks or buy some fruit and serve them with a warm drink to boarders after study period (9 pm), on several evenings throughout the year.

Time Required: Home baking plus any or all of 5 evenings 8:45 pm to 9:45 pm throughout the year. (Oct, Dec, Feb, April, May, June). Goodies can also be dropped off in advance is you cannot attend the evening.

Skills required: None, just a friendly face and be able to cook some tasty treats!

Contact: Cindy Wang, wangyimei@hotmail.com and Lily Feng, lifengtd@gmail.com, ACPA Campus Life Representatives

Campus Life Events

New this year – activities that support boarders and long distance parents. Details will be posted in ATW.

Time Required: Event dates and details TBC.

Skills required: None, just a friendly face.

Contact: Cindy Wang, wangyimei@hotmail.com and Lily Feng, lifengtd@gmail.com, ACPA Campus Life Representatives

Holiday Wreath & Poinsettia Sale - November

Spread some holiday cheer by helping sell beautiful holiday wreaths and poinsettias.

Time required: 2-3 hours during annual Tree Trimming breakfast (November).

Skill required: none.

Contact: Ann Watkin, awatkin@cogeco.ca, ACPA Fundraising Coordinator

Employee Appreciation Luncheon – April

The Employee Appreciation Lunch takes place annually. Volunteers organize a lunch prepared by parents in appreciation for all the hard work that the employees put forth for our students. The theme for the luncheon varies from year to year, but includes lovely treats and a home-cooked lunch.

Time required: A few hours during the week and/or on the day (April 24). Also to cook meals in advance.

Skills required: Cook, smile, share and thank! An eagerness to treat employees.

Contact: Bridget van Akkooi, bridget.vanakkooi@gmail.com and Suzanne Williamson, swilliamson21@cogeco.ca, ACPA Grade Parties and Staff Appreciation Coordinators

Book Return and Sale - June

Volunteers are needed to assist the ACPA Bookstore Coordinator to organize the used text book sale and return of text books by students.

Time required: A few hours after exams in June.

Skills: None required just to enjoy assisting students.

Contact: Judy Ye, ye.minjun@live.cn and Lan Wang, wanglan1970@126.com, ACPA Book Sale Coordinators

ACPA Executive Committee

The ACPA Executive Committee is an elected group of parents consisting of several Officers and various Committee Chairs. Each June, a Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates at the ACPA Annual General Meeting. The term of office is generally one year, with re-election permissible for a second term. Together, the committee oversees various portfolios under the mandate “to take an active interest in the comfort and well-being of our students through cooperation with the Principal.” The role of the Executive includes welcoming parents, encouraging parent involvement through the ongoing recruitment of volunteers, being a resource for volunteers, attending monthly Executive meetings, being a part of the decision-making process within the Parents’ Association, reporting regularly on progress and developments in their portfolios and being a good representative for Appleby College and the ACPA. As a parent at Appleby, you are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the monthly Executive Committee meetings, held in the Raymond Massey Reading Room. Dates and times are announced in ATW.

Time required: Varies depending on position. Monthly committee meetings (2 hours) take place the second Tuesday of every month in the Raymond Massey Meeting Room, either at 8 am or 7 pm.

Skills required: Skills vary with position but mostly commitment & interest.

Contact: Sarah McMillan, President, smcmillan108@gmail.com, Bonnie Flemington, ACPA Past President, bonnieflemington@gmail.com, or attend the Recruitment Morning in January (see ATW for details)

Arts Program

School Plays - January through March

If costumes, lighting, set or prop design interests you, get involved with the Middle School Play (May) or the All-School Play (February) including playing in the bit band! (for the All-School Play only). Volunteer work begins early in the year, with more volunteer hours required closer to the nights of the play.

Time required: Rehearsals for the main school play begin January and continue through March.

Skills required: Visual arts, costuming or construction skills are valuable but not necessary.

Contact: Esteban Cambre, Director of Arts, 905-845-4681, ext. 341 ecambre@appleby.on.ca


Parent & Community Relations

New Parent Buddies

The New Parent Committee helps new parents understand what it means to be part of the Appleby community. Current parents are buddied up with new Appleby parents, communicating with them throughout the school year about the “ins and outs” of being part of the community.

Time required: A few hours – an in-person meeting once a year and e-mail correspondence throughout.

Skills required: Friendly and welcoming community member, someone who is an enthusiastic Appleby “ambassador.”

Contact: Andy Jelinek, Director of Parent Relations, 905-845-4681, ext. 389 Ajelinek@appleby.on.ca, Vanessa Barr, vbarr@sympatico.ca, Daisy Li, daisy820625@gmail.com and Sonia Fernandes, soniafernandes1@gmail.com, ACPA New Parent Coordinators

Service Program

Fall In/Spring Forward - Spring & Fall

Fall In and Spring Forward are open to all Appleby students and adult volunteers. Volunteers are needed to source perennials, design gardens, build fences and/or benches. The location of Fall In and Spring Forward changes each year; however, underprivileged families or agencies in need are selected to benefit.

Time Required: One Saturday in the fall or spring.

Skills Required: Knowledge or interest in gardening. Carpentry skills are an asset but all help is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Lesley Buckmaster, Manager, Global Experiential Operations, 905-845-4681, ext. 101 lbuckmaster@appleby.on.ca

Appleby’s Annual Walkathon – October

Appleby’s Annual Walkathon is an all-school charity fundraising event. Volunteers could be involved in helping students safely cross streets, handing out water to the participants, or cheering them on during the event.

Time required: All day during event (October 17).

Skill required: enthusiastic & encouraging.

Contact: Caroline Fleury, carolinefleury@mac.com and Diana Viselli, walkathon@appleby.on.ca


Anne Marie Bianchi
ACPA Communications Officer
E-mail: ambt2@rogers.com

Information about the Appleby College Parents' Association can be found on e.school@appleby.on.ca.