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Welcome to the Health Centre information site

Here at Appleby College the school nurses address the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of our students. Our ultimate goal is to support student success in the learning process.

School nurses promote and maintain optimal student health by:

  • Providing first aid / arranging assessments and assistance to students who become ill or injured at school. (Whether due to a physical, social or emotional cause.)
  • Communicating with parents and guardians when further medical care or attention may be needed.
  • Supporting the health curriculum in teaching health lessons to students and serving as a resource to classroom teachers.
  • Educating the school about Health matters that effect students or stafff.
  • Collaborating with other schools, professionals, parents, guardians, and the students health team as needed to foster maximal student success.
  • Providing health counsel to students as needed.
  • Working closely with student guidance counsellors and school directors to address a student's social and emotional well-being.

Health Centre Information

Health Centre Contact Information

Registered Nurses            Email:
Phone: 905-845-4681 ext. 229
Emergency 24 hour cell phone: 905-580-2054
Fax: 905-845-1122

Nurses 24 hour emergency cell phone number: 905-580-2054 (when campus is open).
In class phones: press CALL then dial 911 for an ambulance or dial 229 to get the Appleby Nurse.

Please note, when the campus is closed, the nurses do not carry their cell phones. For emergencies, please call 911.

Appleby College Student Health Centre

  • The Health Centre is open and staffed with a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Students requiring to see a nurse must first call the nurse to be screened over the phone. Please call the nurses 24 hour cell phone at 905-580-2054.
  • All students at Appleby College can access the nurse. The nurse's services are free of charge.
  • The nurses have access to the school doctor for consultation purposes.

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