My time as an Outdoor Leader at Appleby College brought me some truly unforgettable experiences. Though not everyone may find joy in sleeping on frozen lakes or carrying canoes across islands, these moments held tremendous meaning for me. During my high school years, I was fortunate enough to visit Temagami multiple times, where I found a sense of freedom that remained with me long after leaving the island.

It was there that I discovered the true beauty of our surroundings and the value of teamwork and cooperation. Although the intention of becoming a guide was to have an opportunity to practice leadership skills and support younger peers, I think the most meaningful part of the experience for me was sharing the experience with my own classmates. We discovered a common love for the Northern Campus, despite coming from different social circles in school.

This special place allowed us to break free from our usual routines and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. If I could do it again, I would, 100 times over.